Low-Moisture Wood Floor Cleaning

InstaDry's wood floor cleaning will revitalize your hardwood floors and includes a free finish!

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Wood Floor Cleaning

  • This Procedure Uses No Excess Water
  • No Truck Mounted Hoses Needed!
  • Extremely Effecient Chemical Floor Cleaning
  • Fixes Light Scratching and Traffic Wear
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The InstaDRY model of excellence in cleaning applies not only to carpet restoration but also to hardwood cleaning. One of the biggest investments a homeowner can make is the decision to purchase the beautiful wood flooring that can turn your flooring into a piece of art. These gorgeous wood floors are often times as fragile as they are pretty. Many homeowners have found that keeping their hardwood clean is significantly more difficult than they may have initially expected. Wood Flooring, in fact, requires specialized and professional cleaning solutions that will not damage, scratch, or remove the finish that is on the flooring. Improper cleaners will heavily damage or even destroy this flooring with their harsh chemical properties.

FAQ 1 How to handle Acrylic Special Removal?

Some of the cheapest cleaners on the market use a low quality acrylic coat. This will be extremely detrimental to the appearance of your floor. Acrylic initially looks nice but is easily soiled. Once soiled it becomes a cloudy compound that makes the floors look greasy. Acrylic is also notoriously hard to remove which causes it to layer and form a barrier that dirt can pass but a cleaning solution can not. We have added an additional service to remove this unyielding acrylic.

From start to finish, InstaDRY strives to beat its competition in terms of quality. This is why we have invested in the highest rated and best performing cleaning system for Hardwood floors. Our system, like our carpet cleaning method, is more labor intensive, environmentally friendly, and produces excellent results. Our system is catered to the exact type of flooring that you have. There are three main types of wooden floors: Solid Wood, Acrylic/Layered Wood, and Laminate. Each of these have a specialized procedure that InstaDRY has custom developed to achieve some awesome results without damage to your flooring.

The Solid Hardwood process is our favorite to perform because the look on the customer's face is always amazing. For Solid flooring we begin with a specialized mild alkali metal solution. The alkaline properties of the solution will work as a specialized detergent catered to interceding between the wooden finish and the dirt that is stuck to it. This whole reaction takes under 2 seconds to occur meaning that your floors are not wet for any noticeable time-frame. InstaDRY takes pride in our Instant Results! Then after all of the floors have been cleaned, we go over the floors in a second phase! This time, we use an even milder neutralizing solution that will guarantee the restoration of the floors to their original condition. This neutralizing solution significantly increases the lifespan of the hardwood by protecting it from any acidic or basic spills (coffee, bleach, or cleaning solutions). We follow up this process with a maintenance refinishing coat in either satin or gloss with our special compound that will make your flooring look better than ever! Don't delay any longer, allow InstaDRY to completely redefine your home, office, or community center.

FAQ 2 Laminate Process and how to take care of it.

Laminate flooring is the image of hardwood implanted onto a vinyl surface. Laminate looks impeccable but is the most fragile on the market. Because of this, our technicians Hand Clean laminate floors using the smallest amount of solution possible to get the clean that you need. We are the only cleaner in Orlando that offers this exact service, so book with us today to guarantee our availability.

Furthermore every service completed by InstaDry comes with a free refinishing. You get to choose between either a satin or a gloss finish for your wood floors. Rapidly applied, rapidly drying, and amazingly clean there are no finishes like the satin or gloss. They provide complete refinishing just like the factory at a fraction of the time requirement of other options. InstaDry low moisture wood floor cleaning system is crucial to establishing the best possible balance of clean appearance as well as preservation of the hardwood floors.

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