InstaDRY Equipment: Walk Off Mats

Benefits of Walk Off Mats

Cost Effective:
This equipment is the number 1 way to protect your flooring during inclement weather.
Easy to Maintain:
Walk off mats require a minimum input from your sanitation staff.
Length of Service:
Each of the mats we select have a 5+ year length of service lifetime for your benefit.
Superior Two-Step:
These mats ensure an exceptional clean by separating the cleaning into a scrape and a wipe.
Styled to Impress:
We are stocked on a selection of gorgeous and professional designs.


Scaping Mats | Outdoor Mats

The scraping mat is the first line of defense against the invasion of dirt and mud into your property. These mats work by incorporating large grooves with raised sectionals. These sectionals knock the dirt off of footwear and into the large groove. These are an absolute necessity during inclement weather to prevent the entrance of mud.

Wiping Mats | Outdoor Mats

The wiping mat is the second line of defense for your property. Wiper mats are indoor mats that remove liquid from footwear. This is completed by using a high concentration of tightly knit fibers to wick away liquid. This can prevent slips and falls during rain and also can reduce the incoming oils to reduce the wear on your expensive flooring.

Why Buy from Us?

Here at InstaDRY we have a motto of "Clean and Dry before we say goodbye!" We apply this to all different aspects of our business. This means that before we leave you, we will provide you every available resource to ensure that you are getting the most out of your flooring. We found that customers who invested in these mats found the freshness of their flooring lasting considerably longer. Then when we returned for follow up cleaning, there were less stains which meant a lower price for the cleaning. By purchasing through us, you can guarantee cleaner floors and cheaper cleaning for the lifetime of the mat.

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