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InstaDry's restorative Upholstery Cleaning will bring your furniture back to peak condition.

Upholstery Cleaning Orlando

The InstaDRY model of excellence in cleaning applies not only to carpet restoration but also to upholstery cleaning. While the chairs, couches, and loveseats around our houses get everyday use, they rarely get cleaned. Often, self-cleaning using the shampoos and a wet rag result in no change to the appearance of your favorite furniture. Instead, this often results in wet upholstery that is susceptible to bacterial or fungal growth due to the dark and damp nature of a wet sofa. Rather than risking your furniture with unsafe wet cleaning methods, utilize the professional InstaDRY low moisture cleaning that can prevent the risk of bacterial outbreak while doing an outstanding job of making your upholstery look perfect.

InstaDRY uses specialized cleaning tools to ensure that your furniture is not only back to perfect shape but also allergen free

InstaDRY Upholstery Cleaning Method

From start to finish, InstaDRY strives to beat its competition in terms of quality. This is why our FIRST step is a specialized pre-cleaning of your upholstery. The pre-clean consists of two important steps. First, We use a High Powered Sirena Vacuum System to remove the surface and removable marks from the upholstery. Second, we do a specialized process we like to call the cushion crunch. This fully removes the air pockets in your cushions. Then, using specialized chemicals we re-inflate the cushion with Methylene Glycol sanitized air. This Pre-Clean ensures the best stain removal as well as a lasting odor removal!

The Pre-Clean is what makes us better! It ensures that your furniture will not only look better, but it can restore the firmness and increase longevity of your furniture!

The second part of our cleaning process is the use of a low moisture cleaning film. This film will bind to and assist in the removal of most different kinds of stains. For many standard types of upholstery, including corduroy velvet, silks, and nylons can be dry within 5 minutes! Other more obscure materials may take longer. This ensures that you will have no risk of bacterial growth in your newly cleaned cushions or upholstery. When you are ready for upholstery cleaning services, call InstaDRY!

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Eva L.

"A few months ago, I decided to host a baby shower in my home. I was involved in a lot of preparation work so I knew I needed help. I had InstaDry come out and take care of my furniture and floors and I am very pleased. They had the furniture done very quickly and I was amazed at how great it all looked. I will certainly be using them again next time!"

Frank N.

"My office has a lot of old furniture around it because I love antique chairs. About 2 months ago, I started having very bad sneezing fits every time i entered my office. A friend suggested I get my entire office cleaned out and that he knew the managers at InstaDRY. I had them come out and do all of my specialty furniture. They were exceptionally careful with the antiques and now I can enter my office without feeling sick."

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