Dry Tile and Grout Cleaning

InstaDry's unique tile and grout service will remove years of wear from your tile and grout.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Material

Tile Cleaning

  • This Procedure Uses No Harsh Acids
  • Deep Cleaning of Grout and Tile Surface
  • All Natural Hypoallergenic Cleaning Reagent
  • Restoration Cleaning with Spot and Stain Treatment
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InstaDRY Cleaning Services are equally effective on tile and grout. Our machines have special brushes that scrub the grout and dislodge dirt and grease releasing the original beauty of your tiled floors. Our process does not involve the use of bleach or acid and does not emit hazardous fumes. No chemical residue is left behind which can attract dirt and cause re-soiling of the grout.

FAQ 1 How does your system work?

First, the counter rotating brushes on our machines scrub the grout and knock loose the dirt and grease. Second, the cleaners that we use contain a proprietary blend of water, natural ingredients, wetting agents and detergents that dissolve and trap dirt and grease. Then, no acid or bleaches are used which means there is no concern of noxious fumes in your household. Next, no chemical residues are left behind which can cause dirt and grease to rapidly re-soil the grout. Finally, the tile and grout will be ready to use as soon as we are done! "Clean and dry before we say good-bye!"

Unlike other tile and grout cleaning services, InstaDRY main cleaning method does not use pressurized water or steam to clean your grout. The water injected from these methods can temporarily clean grout but soon after, the moisture from this process promotes mold growth and attracts dirt causing the grout to become discolored. For the most reliable, healthy and effective tile & grout cleaning service in Central Florida, call on InstaDRY.

FAQ 2 How often should you clean tile and grout?

A great measure is by taking a look at your driveway. When you call to arrange a driveway pressure cleaning, also call InstaDry. People who are more active (driving in and out) are more likely to track dirt and grime into their tile and grout. People who do not leave the home often do not have the same soiling conditions in their home.

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