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InstaDRY Maintenance Plans

Benefits of a Maintenance Plan

Once a carpet has been restored, it looks so incredible. In fact, it can keep this fresh look for up to 4 months! However, as the cleaning gets a little more dated, the carpets may begin to lose the sheen, become re-soiled, and again revert to a lackluster appearance. The only way to keep these carpets at their peak performance is to be sure to have the cleaned every 4 months. This is where a specialized InstaDRY maintenance plan can save you money! Since maintenance cleaning is easier than a restorative clean, we lower your costs drastically by being a part of our service plan.

FAQ 1 How do I benefit from being a maintenance member?

The benefits of being a maintenance plan member include cost savings of 20-80%, pristine carpets year round, priority scheduling, and extreme longevity of your flooring.

Included in Plans

Every plan is custom created to suite your needs and home. We make each plan individually customized to ensure that your carpets are receiving the exact level of care that you need. Once created, your cleaning plan is conducted every 4 months. This ensures that we can cut down your pricing and that we can establish a continuity of clean carpets within your home. You can pay per cleaning or you can pay the year in advance and receive 10% off. Area Rug can also be added to your maintenance plan as an additional room. Also, Tile cleaning is another service that can be added to your maintenance plans.

FAQ 2 How many level of services are offerred?

Our maintenance plans include a variety of service levels which are arranged specifically for your home. This includes Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Levels of Service


Our bronze package of service includes 1 hour of cleaning and supplies. For most of the homes within our service plans, this can include usually 3 rooms of cleaning per four month period. This is good for homes that have carpet only in the bedrooms or are looking to have only certain areas of the house cleaned.


Our silver package includes 2 hours of cleaning and supplies. This is the plan that works best for homes that have carpet interspersed throughout the home. This plan will fully cover a smaller (3 rooms of carpet) home with stairs or a medium (4-6 rooms of carpet) home with only one floor.


The gold package includes 3 hours of cleaning and supplies. Within this level of service falls medium (4-6 rooms of carpet) homes with mostly carpet and stairs or larger homes with 6+ rooms needing to be cleaned.


Our platinum package is a total of 4 hours of cleaning and supplies. This will cover the largest of homes including multiple flights of stairs and a multitude of carpeted rooms.

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Nanci G.

"I had been having my carpets cleaned every 6 months for a long time by a different company when I ran across an InstaDRY flyer. I had never heard of dry cleaning a carpet and the price was right so I gave them a call. Now, I am on their maintenance plan as a silver member and I get my house cleaned MORE OFTEN for LESS MONEY than the other company. I call that a bargain!"

Trevor P.

We were searching online for a good carpet cleaning service in Orlando and submitted several "contact us" forms. InstaDRY was the last company we contacted yet they were the first to get back with us. The guy was super professional too. Thanks for a job well done!"

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