InstaDry Equipment Sales

Our clients want to keep the flooring and indoor air quality in their homes and places of business as clean as possible between professional cleaning visits. To help assist them in this pursuit we have several offerings that are suitable for both home and commercial applications.

In order to ensure that we are meeting this level of assistance for each of our clients, we are consistently expanding our inventory! This includes adding things such as commercial grade mats for our business clients and adding full home cleaning tools including the versatile Sirena water filter vacuum. No matter what the current popular selections are for home cleaning, you can be sure that you can find the best of the best with us.

The Very Best Cleaning Tools


The tools used by InstaDry are certified by these outstanding organizations who believe in cleaner homes, better products, and a healthier tomorrow.
Whether you want brighter carpets for your home or a brighter future for the world, InstaDry is here to serve you.