Dry Carpet Cleaning

InstaDry's deep and restorative carpet cleaning will bring new life to your carpets.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Material

Dry Carpet Cleaning

  • This Procedure Uses No Excess Water
  • No Truck Mounted Hoses Needed!
  • All Natural Hypoallergenic Cleaning Reagent
  • Restoration Cleaning with Spot and Stain Treatment
Average Life of Carpets Cleaned by InstaDry:
   15 Years
Steam Cleaners
  5 Years

InstaDRY utilizes the most advanced dry extraction techniques available. Unlike traditional steam cleaning services, InstaDRY Carpet Cleaning uses an organic based, damp compound that upon the final stage of the clean results in "dry clean" carpets. The dry extraction method is a healthier and safer way to clean your carpets.

FAQ 1 What makes dry carpet cleaning any better than wet cleaning?

Dry cleaning eliminates the worry of spots returning during the hours of drying time while providing a deep, restorative clean with every job.

How Dry Carpet Cleaning Works

InstaDRY cleaning service removes dirt, odors, stains, and soil spots from carpet guaranteed! In much the same way you would use a sponge to scrub and remove dirt from a wall or counter, micro-sized Sponges are used to wash and absorb dirt from your carpet fibers. The cleaning sponges are a soft and natural product resulting in a green & environmentally responsible way to clean carpets.
The counter rotating brushes on our carpet cleaning machines lift and restore your carpet fibers. Since there is no wait for drying, you can immediately step on your carpet and feel the difference!
For a more in depth look at how our carpet cleaning method works, please check out our Commercial Carpet Cleaning page.

FAQ 2 Is too much water actually bad for your floors?

The answer is obviously yes, without a doubt! Between lasting damage to oliphant and other plastic based carpets and the damage to health caused by spore producing agents who thrive in damp carpets, there is no doubt that excess water can cause serious concerns.

When too much water is used to clean a wall, the liquid runs down. Similarly, when water is used on carpets it will run down the carpet fiber into the pad and backing. With traditional steam cleaning methods, up to 40% of this water is not extracted and absorbs back into the carpet and pad. This dirty water sits at the bottom of your carpet. The dirt becomes harder to remove and can wick back up the carpet fiber causing stains to reappear. Spots can reappear in as little as 3 days. Pads can remain wet up to 7 days creating ideal conditions for mold growth. Other so called dry systems clean surface soil with buffing machines, but like wet cleaning, these methods also push dirt and soap into the pad.

In contrast to the dry cleaning method used by InstaDRY, wet cleaners only remove 70% of the water and detergent they use, leaving the rest inside the carpet fibers and pad. InstaDRY removes nearly all materials used, leaving the carpets clean, dry, deodorized, and ready to walk on without any downtime. Over time, the detergent and water left behind by wet cleaners can cause rapid resoiling, as well as a reduced life of the carpet. InstaDRY services are designed from the ground up to extend the life of carpet.

FAQ 3 What makes InstaDry your best source for dry carpet cleaning?

InstaDry's goal is to give you the best service possible and give your home or business the best clean possible. This is our guarantee.

Mold and Allergens are Caught By Clean Floors

A surprising benefit of carpet is that it filters dust and allergens from the air. Each fiber of carpet can trap many times its weight in particles. Carpet does not readily release these particles back into the air. However, just as you should replace the air filters in your HVAC unit, you should cleanse dust and allergens from your carpet to maximize its filtering effectiveness and restore its look, feel and longevity.
InstaDRY’s carpet cleaning service is the best way in Central Florida to deeply clean your carpets and restore them as closely as possible to their original condition. One cleaning by InstaDRY can greatly reduce dust mites, dust mite allergens, cat allergens, mold spores and other particulates. In the situation where dangerous levels of mold exist, please visit our mold removal and remediation page for more information.

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