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InstaDry's restorative carpet cleaning will give longer life to your commercial space.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

  • You can use the floors as soon as we are done!
  • We Service Hotels, Restauraunts, Offices, etc.
  • All Natural Hypoallergenic Cleaning Reagent
  • Restoration Cleaning with Spot and Stain Treatment
Average Customer Satisfaction
Average Job Speed
  3 Hours

Why Use Dry Carpet Cleaning

InstaDRY utilizes three powerful elements to provide the best possible results for your commercial cleaning needs. Firstly, by hiring passionate, customer oriented technicians, we ensure that you will not only be happy with the results but also enjoy the working relationship with our company. Secondly, our cleaned right guarantee gives you the peace of mind to know that we stand behind our work and will be there as your partner to achieve a healthy indoor air environment and prolong the life and aesthetic beauty of your floors. Thirdly, the dry carpet cleaning method is the best method for most commercial carpet cleaning needs.

More specifically, the Host cleaning system utilized by InstaDRY is the best Dry Carpet Cleaning System on the market. The equipment is Green Seal Certified and rated by the EPA to increase indoor air quality versus wet cleaning systems. Most wet systems are not rated to increase indoor air quality due to the harmful effects of leaving carpeting wet for any period of time.

The Science Behind Carpet Cleaning

Understanding how to achieve clean, healthy carpet that stands up to the abuse of everyday use requires a bit of background knowledge. Carpet fiber is primarily made of plastic that does not readily absorb dirt, grease and oils. These contaminants tend to collect on the upper portion of the fiber. In order to remove the contaminants, a cleaning agent must be applied to each carpet fiber which will dissolve the dirt into a liquid state.

The top third of the carpet strands attract the sticky, oily dirt and requires cleaning chemistry to remove it.

Limitations of Wet Cleaning Systems

Wet cleaners apply the cleaning agent by mixing with hot water and injecting it into the carpet via high pressure. This high pressure solution turns dirt into mud and pushes everything down to the base of the carpet fiber and possibly into the pad. Then the wet system attempts to remove the water, cleaning agents, and mud through a suction process. Unless virtually all the moisture is removed, the base of the carpet will retain the dirty water. As the moisture evaporates from the base of the carpet, then the dirt and cleaning agents return to the top of the fiber causing re-soiling to occur.

Wet cleaning systems can cause spots to return due to the evaporation process.

InstaDRY's Secret Tool

InstaDRY utilizes the Host Dry Cleaning System. The magic of the Host System is contained within the cleaning sponges. These micro sponges contain just the right amount of moisture and cleaning agents to scrub each carpet fiber clean. The sponges are worked into the carpet with counter rotating brushes. As the brushes scrub the carpet fiber, the sponges absorb the contaminants thus controlling moisture and the cleaning process. The dirty sponges are then extracted back out of the carpet leaving dry, clean carpet that is ready to be used.

InstaDRY's secret tool is the Host Dry Cleaning System.

InstaDry Places Your Needs First

At InstaDRY, we understand the varying needs of small and large businesses alike. Not only are you looking for an effective carpet cleaning company, but one that also understands the specialized needs and scheduling requirements of your unique business. At InstaDRY we offer several solutions to best work within your environment:
→ Flexible Scheduling to work around your specialized operating hours.
→ Maintenance Plans to help keep your carpets looking great all year round.
→ Specially Trained Technicians who bring years of experience to the job and project an air of professionalism to your customers, tenants and employees.
→ Our Office personnel are available six days a week to answer questions, make scheduling changes or anything else that you may need.
→ Maintenance Plans come with emergency spot treatment options to take care of any unexpected issues between scheduled cleans.
→ Dedicated Account Manager who knows your preferences and needs. You never have to explain things more than once.
→ Flexible billing options.
→ Quick turn-around time for naming your company as additional insured.
→ Properly Licensed and Insured.
→ References available on request.

InstaDry VS Steam Cleaners

Service Comparisons InstaDRY Wet Systems
Friendly On-Time Service Yes Yes
Free Test Area to Demonstrate Results Yes Varies
Dry Floors Before the Job is Done Yes No
Avoid Potential Water Damage to Furniture & Electronics Yes No
Service Performed Without Noisy Equipment In Front of Buildings Yes No
Service Performed Without Long Hoses Blocking Doors and Pathways Yes No
Spots Guaranteed Not to Return Yes No
Equipment EPA Tested to Increase Indoor Air Quality
on Restoration and Maintenance Cleans
Yes No
Dry Carpet Cleaning Method Avoids the Risk of Mold and Bacteria
Growth Due to Prolonged Wet Carpets
Yes No
Cylinder Brushes Lift Carpet Fiber Restoring Original Look & Feel Yes No
Offers a Cleaned Right Guarantee © Yes No

When you are ready to have your work place cleaned, come to InstaDry. We offer not only Carpet Cleaning, but all floor cleaning as well. This means that you do not need to bring in multiple companies to handle your hardwood floors, your title, or your rugs, but rather you can call one company who will come out and manage your entire building. We work on buildings ranging from single room carpet, to small doctor’s offices, to full sized hotels and religious organizations. Whatever you're special commercial need is, you can be guaranteed that our technicians will be able to take care of you.

How Does the InstaDry System Work?

How Commercial Carpet Cleaning Works

Step 1: Treatment

The first stage is treatment of the flooring. The dirt or grease that is carried onto your flooring by your footwear is mostly grabbed by the top 1/3 of the carpet fibers. Our cleaning method captures this dirt by treating the carpet with micro-sponges which, like real sponges, utilize small amounts of moisture to absorb dirt through mini pores.

Step 2: Brushing

The counter rotating brushes on our machines work the sponges deep into the carpet while also lifting the carpet fibers to promote healthy appearance. The sponges, unlike water, actually absorb dirt which increases their extractability. The carpet is brushed with sponges 3 times from multiple directions. This works the carpet to the core without pushing dirt into the fibers.

Step 3: Extraction

The machines used by InstaDry were made famous by a variety of certifications and awards for their powerful vacuums. These powerful machines move 130 cubic feet of air per minute into their 6 stage filter. After passing through the 6 filters, the air is released at HEPA quality. Unlike your regular vacuum which releases up to 20% of the dust it collects into the air, our machines capture it with the HEPA filters. The sponges that are now saturated with the dirt that used to be on your flooring are also extracted into the machine.

Step 4: Instantly Dry

When the extraction is completed, almost all of the moisture used to absorb the dirt has been reabsorbed into the sponges and collected in our machine. The nominal amounts that are left behind are dry before our technician has packed up to leave. By not relying on hours of evaporation, you can instantly get your office or home reorganized and get back around to your daily routine. Furthermore, before the technician leaves, they are able to review the work in its finished, dry state and point out or correct trouble areas according to our Cleaned Right Guarantee.

Commercial Benefits of Dry Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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