InstaDry's Cleaned Right Guarantee

We Guarantee our service quality!

To promote a healthier & cleaner indoor environment for our customers through our restoration and maintenance cleaning services. To constantly seek continuing education & training in the best practices and procedures of the industry and as a result become an indispensable asset for our clients.

InstaDRY's Cleaned Right Guarantee

Tenet 1 To always provide honest communication to our clients.

♦ We believe in providing firm prices for our service. Our prices include everything needed to complete the requested job. The price will not change unless additional services/areas are requested by you.
♦ We will make every effort to assess each unique situation and give our honest opinion as to what outcome can be expected.
♦ We will answer all questions in a clear and open way.

Tenet 2 To provide highly trained and professional technician(s) on each job.

♦ Each technician first goes through a background check and full evaluation to assess their aptitude for providing excellent customer service.
♦ Before our technicians are released into the field, they go through an extensive and highly technical training program. Second, they must pass the test administered by the Professional Cleaners Association. Third, they must go through and pass a multiple week training regiment in the field with an assigned instructor.

Tenet 3 To deliver a valuable service with a goal of complete customer satisfaction.

♦ Prior to cleaning, the technician will do a walk through and discuss the areas to be cleaned, discover any areas that you are concerned about and find out which pieces of furniture you would like moved.
♦ After the cleaning, the technician will do a walk through with you and keep a lookout for: residual spots, out of place furniture, and other services they could offer. This ensures that your carpet will be up to the standards that you expect.
♦ We are happy to provide a free test area before starting a job. If you do not wish to continue with the cleaning appointment for any reason, then our technicians will pack up and leave, at no cost to you.
♦ Our goal is to achieve our mission statement on each and every clean. If you feel that we have not provided a service in line with the mission statement, we want to know about it. Please contact us immediately. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority!

InstaDry's Cleaned Right Guarantee will ensure that you are completely satisfied. This comes down to a business model that is different from most in the Industry. Most cleaners offer low prices and mediocre service to do as many homes a day as possible even at the expense of results. InstaDry makes it a priority to take one client at a time. This is because we seek to establish long term returning clients rather than one time customers. This extends from how we treat commercial locations all the way to our one-room call-outs. Take advantage of these benefits today.

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