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Deep Cleaning Carpets

  • Dual Port Max Extraction
  • 3x Stronger than Average Competitor
  • Green Certified Safe Cleaning Agents
  • Advanced Technologies for any situation
Average Life of Carpets with Evolution Deep Clean:
   15 Years
Average Competing Cleaning Methods
  5 Years

FAQ 1Will Evolution Deep Clean process help with allergens including dust mites?

One of the main jobs of carpets is to act like an air filter capturing allergens and dust mites.

How We Solved The Issue

Evolution Deep Clean’s proprietary Pre-Clean process took about a decade to develop. Carpets act like a filter capturing the gunk that we don’t see, but do get affected by. This gunk is also one of the main issues for not only odors, but coughing and sneezing as well. Most modern vacuum cleaners have issues removing this gunk with normal housekeeping, and most competitors won’t even use a vacuum cleaner before treating the carpets. Pre-Vacuuming is an important step for a professional carpet cleaning. What Evolution Deep Clean developed was the Storm Filter. The Storm Filter allows us to use the power of the truck mount to vacuum the carpets in the Pre-Clean process. Air flow is the vehicle for this gunk to be removed from the carpets. Most modern vacuum cleaners has an air flow rate of 40 to 60 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM). With our Storm Filter, we achieve over 600 cubic feet of air per minute (cfm). Removing this gunk in the carpet is key to a proper deep clean and the Storm Filter helps our technicians achieve that goal on every job.
We have received feedback by many people who thought that their vacuum cleaners were broke the following month after we cleaned their carpets. It took about a month before noticing there was dirt in their vacuum cleaners. This was due to our Deep Clean process doing the proper service that was paid for.

FAQ 2How will I know that I will get a good technician?

Your floorings and furnishings are a huge investment and it takes a skilled and trained technician to treat as such

In order to become a lead technician for Evolution Deep Clean, the person must have certification in the trade. Our minimum qualification is the Carpet Cleaning Technician certification in the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Beyond that, there are other certifications required as well as trade seminars. In our own organization, Lead Technicians are required to attend hours of documented in-house company training per quarter for our operations as well as outside training. Cleaning services such as Evolution Deep Clean is a dynamic operation which needs intelligent hard working people involved and what every customer/client deserves.

FAQ 3What makes you different than these guys with the attractive coupon special?

3 rooms for $99 and others like it has been around since 1990. Almost 30 years now!

Being experienced in the industry for quite sometime now, there are 2 things that tends to happen when people buy into the 3 rooms for $99 or the other fantastic coupon prices. The end the result tends to not be an enjoyable experience.The first thing that tends to happen is that the work is done in a rushed amount of time in order to make ends meet for that company, leaving customers with oversoaked dirty carpets. Carpets might appear to be clean at first, then the days following are when issues start to arise. The problems range or combined with odor issues, spots re-appearing, carpet crunchy (due to soap residue), and/or traffic lanes look worse than before. Most people start hating their carpets after that instead of dealing with a trained professional who will naturally make you love your carpets again.The second thing that tends to happen is that the coupon rate technician will start insane up-charges for the steps required for the proper deep clean. Those 3 rooms for $99 tends to turn into $300 to $600 at the highest. Classic bait and switching tactics which makes people feel that carpets are way too expensive to take care of. These guys who does this also makes customers feel disgusting in their own home, which is a horrible form of customer service.We are up-front and honest with our standard deep cleaning rates. We care about your home/business and we want to turn you into a lifelong client. The only possible extra charges would be under our Advance Treatment Options such as pet urine decontamination, color repair, carpet repair, set stain repair, carpet protection, heavy furniture, and/or restoration clean. Upon arrival, our lead technician will share this with you. However, most of our services doesn’t require an Advance Treatment Option for our deep clean process has amazing results.

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