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Clean and Dry
Before We Say Goodbye!
Dry carpet cleaning means that you get to see and enjoy your cleaned carpets immediately!
No need to wait hours or even days for carpets to dry!
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Pet Friendly. Child Safe. Allergen Free.
Our organic cleaning materials are safe for everyone in your home.
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Wide Variety of Services
Our eco-friendly cleaning method is safe for wool rugs, powerful enough for tile and grout, and amazing for upholstery!
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What Experts Say
"I've used HOST Cleaner with great success and it's good for all types of carpet. Plus I love that it is environmentally friendly." - Martha Stewart

Carpet Cleaning Bay Hill, Fl

What can Bay Hill expect from DRY carpet cleaning?

Bay Hill is a tight knit community and we are proud to be a part of that community. At InstaDRY we offer premium carpet cleaning services that will refreshen your floors and extend their life. There are many types of carpet cleaning services but only one true dry carpet cleaning service in the Bay Hill area. Dry Carpet cleaning is separate from standard carpet cleaners by not relying on a soak and shampoo method. We use a organic compound that we conveniently call "sponges" that absorb the dirt from the carpet by a simple osmotic means. The soak and shampoo method often leaves the floor as bad if not worse than when it began. This is because water can have a detrimental effect to your carpets. It naturally pushes the dirt to the base of the carpet rather than removing it. InstaDRY is Bay Hill's dry carpet cleaning service.

We Specialize in the Organic Dry way to Clean Carpets. Which Means No Wet Carpets!

The InstaDRY system uses a DRY carpet cleaning system which is much cleaner and more effective than the wet steam cleaning. It removes the dust without soaking the floor which makes the system work very well. This is called a deep clean system which will function to truly remove the microorganisms and dirt particulates that have penetrated your carpet. This is better han a quick in and out that wet systems use. Dry cleaning is the only way to clean both the carpet and, according to research done by the EPA, increase the air quality of the location. InstaDRY uses the HOST method which is rated by the Florida Plant Safe Institute to be clean and green!

Our cleaning materials are plant based. Not test tube based.

Sparky can enjoy playing on the carpet! No worries about harmful detergents.

Bay Hill residents suffer from allergy season pretty much year round. Mold, pollen and dust can get trapped in your house causing symptoms such as sneezing, coughing and itchy eyes. InstaDRY can help improve your health and comfort. InstaDRY service is rated by the EPA to reduce indoor air pollution in as little as 1 cleaning visit. Over time, with a discounted maintenance plan, you could see the indoor air quality of your home or business increase by as much as 80%. This reduces allergic reactions and makes your home a cleaner and healthier place to live.

InstaDry uses several systems that are certified by major organizations including the Carpet and Rug Institute, Wool-Safe Organization, and Asthma and Allergy Assocation

Hear it from our Customers!

Our Customers LOVE us! You will too!

-Toby N., Bay Hill, FL

"Did my small aprtment before I moved in... they were great and took the time to do it right!"

-Riley H., Bay Hill, FL

"I recently got a job in a local office and every time I went there I was sneezing all day. I had heard that older offices could be filled with allergens all through the carpet. So I asked the boss to try cleaning them, since it was a small office it was cheap. Now I can breathe again at work which is such a gift!"