Why Doesn’t My Vacuum Work Anymore?

To put it bluntly, your filters are clogged. Probably. There could be other problems, I can’t completely diagnose your issues from my comfortable seat in my office, but this is likely the case. Vacuum cleaners have filters. Every single one, most of the current bagless models have three or four. If a single filter clogs, the entire vacuum will stop working.

Finding your filters should be relatively easy, making sure you have all of them may be a bit trickier. You can typically find them by following the airflow from the intake to the exhaust. Most bagless vacuums have a pair of filters immediately after the canister where all the dirt collects. Go grab yours, take a look at those filters. One likely looks like a sponge, maybe like some folded paper arranged in a circle. If you have a sponge filter, pull it out and dust it off before running it under some hot water in your sink. Ring it out repeatedly until it stops lightening, then let it completely dry before replacing it. The crinkly paper looking filters can be knocked off outside, or cleaned with another vacuum.

By the exhaust of your vacuum, there’s another filter. This one is much more difficult to clean, and needs to be replaced. Keep an eye on it, and consult your users manual for cleaning instructions.

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Andrew Mongeau
Field Manager
InstaDRY, Carpet & Tile Cleaning

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