Understanding the Life of an Asthmatic Part 1

Many of our clients are afflicted by Asthma and Allergies. Not having Asthma myself, I wanted to find out a little more about the disease. This is an important topic to me. In order to help those that we serve, we have to better understand what motivates them, what are their wants and needs. So the natural questions arose: How do people get Asthma? What factors aggravate the condition? More importantly, what does it feel like to have asthma and how does the condition change your life?

PART 1 How do people get Asthma?

There seems to be some question about what causes Asthma. A definitive answer has not yet been found. But according to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, the cause of Asthma is a mix between environmental and genetic factors. Of course, if your parents are Asthmatic or have other allergies, you may be more prone to an Asthma attack. I thought it was interesting that most, but not all, people who have Asthma also have other types of allergies. One school of thought is that Allergies come from a lack of exposure to foreign irritants at an early age when the immune system is developing.

Immunoglobulin E¬†(IgE) is an immune anti-body that can cause¬†hypersensitivity to certain foreign irritants like pollen for example. For a great blog to learn more about what causes Asthma, be sure to check out Dr. Hornberg’s Blog.


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