Resources for Pollen and Mold Forecasts

We run into folks all the time that are allergic to Pollen, Mold and Dust Mites. That’s why we decided that this Friday we are going to start posting a weekly report of the Pollen and Mold forecasts, as reported by the National Allergy Bureau and But first, I wanted to find out just how reliable are these forecasts. In my search for the answer I stumbled upon this great blog post by a local East Orlando Doctor, Dr. Hornberger, that may clear things up a bit. According to Dr. Hornberger, the pollen forecasts are based on a combination of 1) the ¬†pollen count over the last 24 hrs as reported by the National Allergy Bureau¬†and 2) a predictive model (probably proprietary) based on weather forecasts and historical data. So, the question begs, are enough resources in place to make these forecasts reliable? The answer according to Dr. Hornberg is yes and no. In the end, not many of us have the time or resources to gather our own data and make predictions. So I guess we will have to rely on these resources for now.

Author: Allen

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