2 thoughts on “InstaDRY Helpful Tip – Vacuum Filters”

    1. Hi Steve,

      You are correct, vacuuming alone won’t remove it all. However, dirty filters won’t help get the surface dirt of the carpets. All what the machine will do with dirty filters is help embed the dirt even deeper.

      A well running vacuum cleaner will help extend the life of the carpets and most importantly improve the indoor environment of the homes. Of course the periodic cleaning of a professional cleaner is the most important.

      One can compare the regular maintenance of the floors with your teeth. A dentist will say that it’s important to brush your teeth at least three times a day. Several organizations says that the average household needs to clean their floors at least three times a week. How effective cleaning your teeth will be with a broken toothbrush? And just like your teeth, isn’t it important to get your floors deep cleaned at least once a year?

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