Five Unexpected and Unusual Benefits of Carpet

During my tenure as a flooring cleaner, I’ve heard numerous complaints about the much maligned carpet.
It’s hard to maintain.
It doesn’t last as long as hard floors.
I have allergies.
Well, sit back and relax. I’m about to inject some knowledge into your brain space.

1. Carpet is easier to maintain. Yes, I said it. I know this doesn’t sound right, wood floors just need a sweeping and tile just needs a mopping while carpet absorbs stains and requires constant vacuuming. Well, about that. The bulk of the dust and dirt in your house comes from you. Dead skin cells. Grody. That, and the stuff you track in. I’m going to pose this question to you, do you shed less skin and track in less dirt if you have tile and hardwood floors? Of course not. Carpet helps to localize the dirt, which means a proper vacuuming can get most all of it up in one go. That canister isn’t more full than your dustpan because the carpet is dirtier than the hardwood or tile, it’s more full because you’re getting more dirt up. On top of that, professionally cleaning carpet is a much more straightforward process than tile or hardwood. If you want to test this theory, call a professional floor cleaner and get a quote for your carpet and your tile. The price reflects the difference in difficulty of cleaning.

2. Carpet is more sanitary and allergy friendly. Wait, what? Yes. That part about carpet localizing dirt isn’t a joke, if you maintain your carpet properly it will actually improve the indoor air quality of your home. Think about it this way, textiles filter air. Your clothes, furniture, and carpet all help remove dust from the air. Carpet does this the most, it’s like having a huge filter stretched across your entire floor. Now in order for this to work, proper maintenance is required. That means vacuuming regularly, and keeping track of the filters in your vacuum. As for the hard surfaces, imagine how difficult it is to get this dirt out of the wood grain or grout line.

3. Carpet insulates. It’s like a giant blanket for your floor. If you hop out of bed on a cold say and get chilled on your feet, that’s heat leaking from your home. Wall to wall carpet can help keep your power bills down and warm your house in the winter. Mind you, this doesn’t really apply in places like my home town of Orlando, Florida. We want it cool, as cool as can be.

4. Carpet is Safer. This is really straightforward and simple, carpet hurts less when you fall on it. Despite the sanitation issues inherent with having carpet in a bathroom or kitchen, I’ve seen a lot of senior citizens install carpet in these rooms in case of a fall. That extra cushion can help prevent bruises and broken bones.

5. Carpet is Quieter. That’s right, it muffles sound and prevents echo. You may not notice it, but your ears will. Carpet will help protect your hearing from loud noises, like appliances and that useful vacuum cleaner.

Andrew Mongeau
Field Manager
InstaDry Carpet and Tile Cleaning

4 thoughts on “Five Unexpected and Unusual Benefits of Carpet”

  1. My brother and his wife are wanting to build a home and are trying to decide what kind of flooring to use. You mentioned that carpet insulates and it’s like a giant blanket for your floor. I had never thought of carpet as insulation. Are there different types of carpet? It seems that is could be a beneficial choice for them.

    1. Nobody can ever tell me that one floor is better than the other. Each type has it’s own set of pros and cons. There has been quite a bit of myths forming around carpet that gives it a bad reputation. We are committed on educating people on the proper care and proper uses of flooring.

  2. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner to make it easier for you to properly maintain the carpet seems like an excellent way to improve the indoor air quality of your home. I would imagine that having your carpets done regularly by a professional and making sure you vacuum regularly inbetween, would help keep you healthier, since you won’t be breathing in the dust from the carpets. This seems like an excellent way to prevent too much buildup, which would help your air quality.

  3. Carpet sounds like a great choice for flooring. We are having a custom house built, and we’re having trouble deciding on flooring. Juts the fact that carpet really is easier to clean makes me want to get it.

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