Dang! The dog/cat was on the sofa again!

Let’s face it, pets can be just like kids.  They will be very good until you leave.  We had a dog growing up who was allowed on the couch until my father came home.  My father tried his best to enforce the dog was not allowed on the couch. This was very entertaining.   When she noticed my father’s car drive up the driveway, she jumped off the couch and pretended to be sleeping.  Then my father would be upset seeing the black fur on the beige fabric. But for some people, pets can really ruin their furniture or fine delicate rugs.

On some recent jobs, we saw a really cool trick to keep the dog or cat off of that really nice sofa or other areas of the house. Those disposable aluminum pans at the grocery store is an affordable great training aid for that purpose.  They are uncomfortable for the pets to walk on and the pans make an unpleasant noise. Some pets won’t take long to associate their experience in staying away from that area.

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Author: M. Don Snyder

Don is InstaDry's resident carpet cleaning guru. Years of experience allows him to hunt down and destroy dirt, traffic wear, spots and stains. He's never backed down from a carpet cleaning challenge, just try him....we dare you

3 thoughts on “Dang! The dog/cat was on the sofa again!”

  1. This post hit Home all to well….

    Pet stains can just be a pain for those who don’t know how to take care of it..

    All you need to do is call your local carpet cleaner to be safe.

    1. steaming it will help the stain rise out another tip- i use faatstik oxiclean formula, sold along side the other fantastics in a blue bottle (about $3) .try using a bristle brush-or old toothbrush to help pull it up to .with the oxiclean ive gotten out chilli, Dr.Pepper and cat hairball mess on my light blue grey carpet ..as for the smell sprinkle a lil baking soda when its all dry , but the fantastic should fix the smell as well as the stain Good Luck!!!

  2. My mother used to use pieces of tin foil with the same effect. They may be more readily available, and you can wrap them around the cushions to help them stay on better. My mother actually had to cover the chairs in the dining to keep the cats from laying on them and ruining them.

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