It was a “Walk in the Park”


A Walk in the Park
Marc at Walk in the Park

We had the wonderful opportunity today to be involved with the Jewish Pavilion “walk in the park” event today. This was a wonderful event to help support Seniors in our community and we were proud to be part of it. The Jewish Pavilion’s mission is to “ensure that seniors in long term care are visited and enjoy holiday celebrations.” At the event we had Corey making Balloon art for us (see picture above and on facebook). It was a lot of fun and we think everyone really enjoyed themselves.

We are also giving away a free house cleaning for the carpets. We will be announcing the winner soon! We frequently have more contests, so please like us on facebook or google plus for more chances to win!

We would also like to thank the excellent job that Faye, the Jewish Pavilion Team and all the volunteers did at this event! Thanks Guys! See you next year. Please let us know about any other events in the community that we can be a part of.

Understanding the Life of an Asthmatic Part 1

Many of our clients are afflicted by Asthma and Allergies. Not having Asthma myself, I wanted to find out a little more about the disease. This is an important topic to me. In order to help those that we serve, we have to better understand what motivates them, what are their wants and needs. So the natural questions arose: How do people get Asthma? What factors aggravate the condition? More importantly, what does it feel like to have asthma and how does the condition change your life?

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Say What??

We walk on them all day long and they rarely get the attention they deserve! Now its your carpet’s chance to be in the spotlight. All of our trivia answers revolve around the floor! All correct answers will be entered into our monthly drawing for a whole house carpet cleaning! Simply comment on this blog with the right answer. Watch our Facebook and Google + page to see if you are the winner!
A carpet for the yard, my original name was ChemGrass. What name am I better known for?

Pollen Forecast for Weekend of 10/14/2012

Allergen Levels for Oct 13-15, 2012

The forecasters at show that the area will be affected by a moderately high level of pollen. A chance of rain in the forecast for Sunday may be a welcome sign to allergy sufferers. Overall, moderate temperatures ushered by the beginning of Fall will be a welcome change for many.


Resources for Pollen and Mold Forecasts

We run into folks all the time that are allergic to Pollen, Mold and Dust Mites. That’s why we decided that this Friday we are going to start posting a weekly report of the Pollen and Mold forecasts, as reported by the National Allergy Bureau and But first, I wanted to find out just how reliable are these forecasts. In my search for the answer I stumbled upon this great blog post by a local East Orlando Doctor, Dr. Hornberger, that may clear things up a bit. According to Dr. Hornberger, the pollen forecasts are based on a combination of 1) the  pollen count over the last 24 hrs as reported by the National Allergy Bureau and 2) a predictive model (probably proprietary) based on weather forecasts and historical data. So, the question begs, are enough resources in place to make these forecasts reliable? The answer according to Dr. Hornberg is yes and no. In the end, not many of us have the time or resources to gather our own data and make predictions. So I guess we will have to rely on these resources for now.

A New Service Announced at the Orlando Home Show

Our booth at the Orlando Home Show Oct 6th 2012

We are super excited to announce a new tool added to our bag of services. What better place to make the announcement than at this Year’s Fall Orlando Home Show! It never ceases to amaze us how many wonderful people live here in Orlando. We used the Home show as a test market to gauge feedback about our new service to remove dust mites, pollen and other allergens from the parts of the home that are used the most. Everyone was very eager to give their opinions and the overwhelming majority was positive. This extra service can help take your home one step closer to being allergen free and everyone saw the value in that! In addition to this announcement, we also had a chance to give away some great prizes including a whole house carpet cleaning! Please watch our Facebook page in the coming week for winner announcements. And we sure would appreciate it if you “like” our page while you are there! We are going to have more free house cleaning contests through Facebook soon.

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