Clean of the Day by Bret. 03/21/2015

We want to send a shout out to our field technician Bret for superb work!  If you see issues like this, then please call us at 407-476-8525 and ask for Bret!!


Brets field 03212015

Having Fun & Staying Fit at JFit 2012

Balloon Art at the JFit Health Fair

Staying fit is something that is not constantly on my mind. It’s hard to find time in the day. Especially with a business, a 3 1/2 year old and another one on the way. We recently had the opportunity to attend an event with the JCC Rosen campus in South Orlando.The event called JFit Health Fair and Green Market was a great reminder that staying fit doesn’t have to mean sacrificing 2 hours every morning to a hard core regiment. There are ways to incorporate smart and healthy habits in our lifestyle no matter how busy we are. This is especially true when you have kids. Kids are always up for a walk around the neighborhood or a bike ride if it involves fun or quality time with Mom and Dad.

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