Clean of the Day by Bret! 04/11/2015

We were very impressed with the recent work by Bret over the weekend!!  Please call 407-476-8525 and ask for Bret!!

Brets field pic 04112015A Brets field pic 04112015B

Pookie’s Winter RescueFest 2013


We were very excited to make friends with Pookie’s Pet Nutrition and Bow Wow Bakery this year! Also, being invited to their Winter RescueFest this year was a blast!  Not only people were showing up to adopt a pet, but others showed up with their pets as well.  Talking to the pet owners was difficult; there were other playmates, treats, and toys.  It was pet heaven!  The dogs were dragging their owner from booth to booth like a kid running from toy store to toy store during Christmas. Some had entertaining ways to get people’s attention at the event.

On the side note, our hearts goes out to neglected and/or abused animals. This event was a reminder of all the innocent/awesome pets who needs to be adopted.  We were recently informed that there at least 55 pets rescued at RescueFest 2013.   We hope this event will help at least twice more than already reported pets will find a new home!


Rescue organizations who attended: | 407.927.1878 | 321.231.2073 | 407.365.7848 | | 352.371.8082 | 561.309.3311 | 727.391.8934 | 321.459.2652 | 407.804.5257 | 321.948.8932

Pet Rescue by Judy Adoption Application | 407.302.4497 | 407.279.1129

R.A.I.N. Adoption Application | 407.620.9736 | 407.699.0802

New Spirit 4 Adoption Application |\ | 407.797.6380 | 407.697.9324

IGCA Adoption Application |

Florida Boxer Rescue Adoption Application |

Pug Rescue Adoption Application | 407.756.4998 | 321.427.8349 |            | /                | 727.475.2195| 407.504.8318 | 407.595.4403

Florida Great Pyrenees Rescue | 727.686.4186

A New Beginning Pet Rescue Inc. | | 321.303.7077

American Black & Tan Coonhound Rescue | |

Dogue De Bordeaux Rescue |

Fallen Pines Critter Rescue |

Florida Parrot Rescue | | 772.646.1843

Great Dane Love Rescue |

Orlando Bully Rescue | | 407.744.7369

Poodle and Pooch Rescue |

The Way Home |

Whiskers & Paws | | 321.262.4330

Animal Activists of Central Florida, Inc. | | 321.331.1859

LoveyLoaves, Inc. | | 407.446.2245

Other services at RescueFest 2013:

Pookie’s Pet Nutrition & Bow Wow Bakery | | 407.622.7387

Urban Pet Magazine | | 407.309.7387

Centers for Animal Therapies/C.A.T. | | 386.279.0257

Ranger’s Pet Outpost & Retreat | | 407.622.4884

Lake Howell Animal Hospital | | 407.628.8000

Orlando Weekly |

WP Maitland Observer |

Local Channel 6 |

Animal Companion Pet Care | | 321.396.7900

Caricatures by Maria | | 407.325.4495

CheapShots Vaccination Services | | 863.414.8677

Gecko CPA Firm | | 407.478.4513

Earthborn Holistic Pet Food |

Animal Emergency Center | | 407.273.3336

Invisible Fence of Central Florida | |  407.351.1037

Pet Butler Orlando | | 800.738.2885

Pet Naturals of Vermont |

Pure Vita |

Natural Balance |

434 Animal Hospital | | 407.331.1161

Animal Healing Solutions  |  | 407.924.4240

Barking Mad Dogwear | | 321.252.2275

Best Friends Pet Care | | 203.840.1367

Big Paw Pet Care | | 855.244.7295

Bone Appetit a doggie bakery | | 407.339.2663

Boris and Beck’s Dog Art Prints |

Creation Station | 407.877.7288

Dog Day Afternoon |  | 407.835.9200 / 407.328.9205

Federation of Insured Dog Owners, Inc. |

Healing for Pets |  | 407.446.4315

Happy Paws Pet Resort | | 407.282.5656

Hip Dog Canine Hydrotherapy & Fitness | | 407.760.1484

Hydrodog Orlando

InstaDRY Carpet and Tile Cleaning | | 407.476.8525

Keller Williams Realty Lake Nona | | 407.207.0825

Le Puparazzi Fine Art Pet Photography |  | 407.898.4122

Miss Emily’s Bed Biscuit | | 407.737.0774

Precise Pet Foods |

The Doggie Door | | 407.644.2969

The Parc Pet Suites, Sports & Spa | | 407.332.7272

Rocky’s Retreat Canine Health & Fitness Center | | 407.295.3888

Roach Family Chiropractic  | | 407.647.2009

Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed |  | 407.790.4700

Wearable Karma |

West Orange Veterinary Hospital | | 407.656.1800

Dang! The dog/cat was on the sofa again!

Let’s face it, pets can be just like kids.  They will be very good until you leave.  We had a dog growing up who was allowed on the couch until my father came home.  My father tried his best to enforce the dog was not allowed on the couch. This was very entertaining.   When she noticed my father’s car drive up the driveway, she jumped off the couch and pretended to be sleeping.  Then my father would be upset seeing the black fur on the beige fabric. But for some people, pets can really ruin their furniture or fine delicate rugs.

On some recent jobs, we saw a really cool trick to keep the dog or cat off of that really nice sofa or other areas of the house. Those disposable aluminum pans at the grocery store is an affordable great training aid for that purpose.  They are uncomfortable for the pets to walk on and the pans make an unpleasant noise. Some pets won’t take long to associate their experience in staying away from that area.

Follow us for more helpful hints for the home.


I’m allergic to cats and friends who own cats!

We love finding tips from our customers.  One of our best customers is a doctor who specializes in Ear, Nose, and Throat.  He told us a really good fact about what causes cat allergies.

People tend to think that it is the cat dander alone that causes the allergies.  But think about how cats clean themselves.  They leave a protein from their saliva on their fur during their cleaning process.  So, the protein from their dander and saliva combined leaves an overabundant amount of allergens wherever they roam (furniture, clothes, etc.). This protein can take up to six months to dissipate no matter how good the clean is.

This helps explain a situation I’ve personally experienced in my life.  A friend of mine lost her cat a couple of weeks before having lunch. Another friend of mine who is highly allergic to cats joined us.  The cat owner was wearing fresh clean clothes (of course), and my other friend was dealing with puffy eyes due to her allergies. She was that sensitive to the allergies that she still had a reaction from the cat owner.

We use some of the best equipment on the market to clean homes.  These equipment are  either rated by the EPA or The Asthma & Allergy Foundation Of America.  We have had many customers who moved into a new place where the previous people owned cats.  The customers are allergic to cats and this is can be of some burden to them.  We have suggested for them to make sure and wipe down the walls and cabinets, not just the floors alone.  If allergic reaction still exists, then it can take up to six months for the protein causing allergens to dissipate.