8 Steps to a Healthy Home

I see it day and day out. With 3 little tikes constantly running in and out of the house, it can be a chore for mom to keep her head on straight let alone keep everything neat and tidy. But with allergies and asthma being a constant reminder of the humid air here in Central Florida, I thought it might be helpful to post this helpful guide to 8 steps to a Healthy home from the CDC. Here’s the link to the post if you want to read more!

My guys over at InstaDRY have got you covered on the first 2 steps to a healthy home!

1. Dry. Water is a precondition for mold, insects, rodents, and dust mites all of which are
linked with asthma. Water is also the most important factor affecting durability of a home
and maintenance costs. Property Maintenance for a Healthy Home (Draft) 4/14/2006
Page 2
2. Cleanable. It is inevitable that a home will have some dust. The goal of a healthy home
is to minimize dust brought into the home and to make it easier to clean and remove
dust and allergens.
3. Well Ventilated. Ventilation provides a mechanism to remove air contaminants and
reduce dust allergens.
4. Lead Safe. In homes built before 1978, deteriorating lead-based paint creates lead
hazards in the dust and soil.
5. Combustion Product Free. Combustion products such as carbon monoxide can cause
severe health problems.
6. Toxic Chemical Free. Toxic cleaning compounds, pesticides, oil- or alkyd-based paints
and solvents can lead to poor indoor air quality.
7. Pest Free. Pests can cause allergic reactions associated with asthma. Pest problems
also encourage the use of pesticides. Controlling water, holes, and providing tight food
storage help minimize pests.
8. Comfortable. Uncomfortable homes can make people take action that makes a home
unhealthy. For example, a resident without working air-conditioning may open a
window, allowing pollen to enter the home.


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I'm Straggy, an Oriental rug in a house with 3 kids, 2 dogs and a fish! Needless to say, I see a lot of activity. When everyone's at work and school during the day, I get to read up on the latest allergy and health news. I will be sharing this information with you weekly so keep an eye on my posts! And please....don't pull on my fringes!

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