HOST Dry Bulletin Presents InstaDry to All of Racine Industries

January 2016

This great information from Don Snyder of InstaDRY replaces the original January Bulletin we were planning to send to you. It may give you some ideas and help, especially those of you who are new to the business. So thank you Don!

“Good Morning Arthur,

I want to spread some motivating news from down here in Central Florida!

“Our company is about to reach 4 years in operation, and want to share our experience thus far. Using the HOST Dry Extraction System properly is an easy way of building a reputable and trustworthy business. It is more than carpet cleaning. It is providing a healthy indoor environment for the homes and businesses while making such places beautiful.

“A quick little history on how we got started with the HOST System. My good friend David Brockman from Greensboro, NC introduced us to the HOST Dry Extraction System back in 2012. After riding in his van, it didn’t take much convincing to realize this was the perfect system for Central Florida. David got me in contact with Racine Industries and Larry Hughes in Atlanta. Then after that we met with our local supplier. Our first reaction from talking to everyone was this is a great community to get involved with for a startup business. With that being said, we immediately joined the HOST Professional Cleaners Association (HPCA), went to the HOST School and took the HOST Certified Technician test.

“When we first started, we didn’t own a HOST machine yet. With very little capital in the beginning we needed a loan but didn’t want to start off with one. So we rented a machine from our local distributor. The start of InstaDRY was a true grass roots start-up business. We got the ball rolling by knocking on doors. The old fashion knocking on doors can work! Just make a quick introduction, hand them a flyer and ask for them to call you when the time comes up with a memory hook. Ours is ‘Clean & Dry Before We Say Goodbye!’. The potential client will stop you if there is a need. Otherwise just move to the next door, and hope those who just took the flier will call. We were stacking jobs on the weekends to help make financial sense renting a HOST Freestyle machine from our local supplier.

“After a couple of months of hard work, we purchased our first HOST Freestyle… giving our first machine the nickname ‘Blue’. Every day when we had jobs stacked we would look at ‘Blue’ and say ‘you’re my boy Blue!’. It’s kind of a motivational thing.

“The first couple of years was a wild ride that was worth every minute. Starting a business is scary, and taking on employees and field technicians is frightful! It was always reassuring that there are peers always ready to give great advice within the HOST community. Everyone is about success, and that is an awesome community to be involved in.

“We have been and continually are strategic with our decisions for growth. We made sure that our field technicians are so result-driven that they continually get online reviews with their names mentioned (it is always motivating for an employee to get publicly recognized for their hard work by the client). Most important, we tend to get repeat clients and referral clients calling for an appointment asking for their respective technician by name.

“Getting involved with the local community by getting into as many local events possible really helps; and making sure that we are careful with our online presence is key in getting new clients attention and respect (much better than coupon ads and other mass media outlets). Most important we are always getting the quality results from the HOST System to turn one appointment into at least two more. The HOST System, when worked properly, makes it easy for a company to grow.

“I do have quite a bit more to add:

1. We are now the floor cleaning contractor for a major 5 star resort here in Orlando.
2. Just received our 4th major condo building contract.
3. We are in the middle of expanding to two more markets.
4. We are constantly keeping jobs booked three weeks out with three trucks in the field with a total of four HOST Freestyles and four HOST Liberators.

“I’m sharing this because I’m sure you are constantly hearing about people thinking of starting a business using the HOST System or someone struggling with their HOST business. Here’s some advice from the InstaDRY team:

1. THE HOST SYSTEM WORKS! Always keep the HOST manual with you on jobs and use the book!
2. If you are in a jam, call HOST! I have yet to come across a question that they have not been able to answer.
3. Read the Bulletins from HOST PCA. They are a great resource and helps with training your staff.
4. If a HOST School on the Road comes around, then GO TO IT! I’m still using the materials acquired from the one I went to that Arthur taught two years ago.
5. ALWAYS keep your technicians motivated and your clients excited! (Remember, motivation moves mountains … and that does apply to any operation.)

“The latest activity in our operations is worth bragging about. It takes a team to grow a dynamic operation. The attached letter from one of our clients with their recent experience outlines how awesome our team is:

‘January 19, 2016

To Whom it may concern,

I wanted to a moment to express our appreciation of the courteous, and thorough carpet cleaning experience we have ever had.

It has sadly become unusual to find professionalism from explaining the services to executing the services exactly as they were portrayed.

My husband and I were having holiday guests and had InstaDRY clean our carpets in early December. They arrived exactly when they said they said they would, explained the process as they went from room to room. Upon completion gave us a certificate for a complimentary touch up job in January.

In January an appointment was made and again, arrived exactly as promised and went over the entire house. The associate, Terry Webb, was extremely courteous, moved and replaced furniture to assure thoroughness and left the house sparkling.

I would recommend the company as everyone has been delightful, and definitely, recommend Terry. Even though Terry has been with the company just a few months, his work ethic, and enthusiasm for the company is commendable.

It is a pleasure to work with a company that truly exceeds expectations.


Mary and Nick

2016 has kicked off as an amazing year for us and all of us here at InstaDRY in Orlando, Florida cannot be any more excited for the year to come. We wish all HOST users and Racine Industries the most exciting and profitable year! – Like us on Facebook:

A big “thank you” to Don.

All of you PCA entrepreneurs…please keep your comments and emails coming.

During the first quarter of 2016, we plan to send out a survey in which we would like you to participate. We are alerting you of this in advance, so please help us help you. The survey will be looking to find out what you are doing for marketing, pricing, employee compensation, etc. We will not share your individual information outside of our office. What we will do is give you feedback on “averages” or “ranges” of pricing, employee compensation, and generally how business is done in different regions of the country. We are asked all the time what people should charge for their different services and what services to offer. It is about time we asked you, so you can help your fellow entrepreneurs from around the country better understand how they can service their customers better.

If you have anything you would like to see on the survey that I have not indicated above, please email me the question because I am in the process of developing the survey “as we speak.”

Best regards,

Arthur L. Dominguez
Racine Industries, Inc.
Vice President, Business Development
Director of the HOST School & Training
P.S. I urge you to go to Don’s website.

About The Equipment And Materials InstaDRY Uses!

Here are some information about the equipment and materials that InstaDRY uses!

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