InstaDRY is now Evolution Deep Clean

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InstaDRY is now Evolution Deep Clean

New Name, Amazing Results and Service

Orlando— 02/05/2019 — Today we would like to announce that after much research and development, InstaDRY is now Evolution Deep Clean. The organization has taken on new owners who have been in the industry for quite some time.
“The developed service process has brought consistent amazing results!,” said M. Don Snyder, Director of Operations at Evolution Deep Clean.

Positive Customer Impact

When arriving on a job, we never know what we are actually walking in to and that occasionally made performing our service difficult. Our new system process has made that worry disappear with consistent, outstanding results and almost no surcharge involved. Since launching the new system back in April of 2018 our online review count has more than doubled and our referrals have skyrocketed. This is the same for both Residential and Commercial services.
“Absolute professional job! Would highly recommend,” said Willie Santiago, Area Manager, about a feedback from P. Merrifield. (located on our Google business page)


When it comes to carpet cleaning service, one must realize the two main jobs of carpet are to act as both a noise filter and an air filter. Evolution Deep Clean has been achieving amazing results in carpets by recognizing the jobs of the carpet with the creation and implementation of our patent-pending Storm Filter. The Storm Filter helps remove dry soil and allergens out of floorings and furnishings at a much higher effectiveness than a traditional vacuum. With the power of a strong truck mount system, the Storm Filter works about 12 stronger than the equipment typically used by professional floor cleaners. With the latest tools and high power equipment, Evolution Deep Clean is able to achieve desire results in nearly every situation and carpet job with a dry time of between one and two hours. These new tools and equipment has also been able to achieve amazing results in Tile/Grout Cleaning, Wood Floors, Upholstery, Mattresses, and much more.
The overall goal for Evolution Deep Clean is to be able to handle all the annual and periodical deep clean needs for residential and commercial customers. The operation has already implemented exterior pressure washing, as well as moving toward stone floor cleaning. The needs for the customers are always changing, but the need for deep cleaning has not. The new name speaks for itself, it is the job of the professional cleaner to evolve with the customers’ needs hence why the new name is Evolution Deep Clean.


The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

For more information, press only:

M. Don Snyder

Annual & Periodic Maintenance Program

About the Annual & Periodic Maintenance Program:

Evolution Deep Clean cares for much of your home and business.  There are many services provided that are recommended for annual service as well as periodically throughout the year.  With a low and easy monthly cost, the charges breaks down to a savings up to 40% of the initial service cost per visit.

Call 407-476-8525 to speak to a representative

Benefits Include:

· Up to 40% savings per visit

· Easy scheduling throughout the year

· Maintain Health and Beauty of your Home/Business

· Double the life of all areas serviced.

· Complimentary annual protectant on Carpet, Rugs, Upholstery, Grout, and Wood

· Non-Prescheduled Services as low as $49.99 per visit (i.e. emergency stain repair)

The all new Evolution Deep Clean!!!

What is The Evolution Deep Clean System?

Think about your washer and dryer.  Every washer and dryer has a set of specific cycles in order to get your clothes clean.  The same goes when cleaning every type of floor on the market.  The Evolution Deep Clean maximizes the efforts of every set cycle required in cleaning your floor, rugs, upholstery, and more.  This has been researched and developed by the InstaDRY Leadership Team (with many other leaders in the industry) for about a decade for maximizing the efficiency of the cleaning process.

There are many people with cut rate prices.  If InstaDRY was doing the same exact cleaning, then the prices and results will reflect as such.  The question you have to ask yourself is, if your washer and dryer is missing any of those set cycles then are your clothes going to come out clean?

Services Include:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Wood Floor Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing
  • And More!

Call us at 407-476-8525 to speak to a Representative                                                                           
Or book online at the upper right hand corner!

Coming January of 2019, InstaDRY will officially be Evolution Deep Clean

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Carpet Cleaning

Many people use carpets in their homes in Orlando to either safeguard their flooring or to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room. Over time, due to usage, these rugs become dirty and in need of cleaning. At such a time, homeowners must decide whether to clean the carpet by themselves or hire a professional carpet cleaner. While a DIY carpet cleaning might seem appealing, hiring a professional to wash the carpet is often the best option. The following are valid reasons why you should hire a professional carpet cleaner.

It saves times

Cleaning the carpet in your Orlando property evidently takes time. You need to gather all the necessary cleaning materials and equipment, as well as put other activities on hold. In contrast, if you let a professional do the job, they have the right set of skills and resources to get the work done quickly and efficiently. Thereby freeing up your time and enabling you to spend your time on more important activities or relaxing with friends and family.

They have experience

One thing about professional carpet cleaners in Orlando is that they have to undergo training before they can operate. Hence, they have the right sets of skills and experience to handle any challenge related to carpet cleaning. Furthermore, they know the right techniques and cleaning agents for removing different types of stains or spills. Which means you’re certain to have your carpet looking good as new. On the other hand if you opt for a DIY cleaning, in the event you encounter a stubborn stain, high chances are you will have a tough time removing it from your carpet and could possibly damage your carpet while trying to do so.


They have the right cleaning equipment

The good thing about professional carpet cleaners is that they come with an adequate supply of the right cleaning tools, equipment, and agents. Besides, they know how to operate and maintain different cleaning equipment such as the professional grade machines, as well as how to handle industrial chemicals. When you hire a cleaning company, you don’t have to fret over whether the cleaner will have the right resources to get the job done. On the other hand, for you to clean the carpet on your own, you need to purchase the right cleaning agents, hire equipment and learn how to use them.


Improves the health of your home

What most people don’t realize is that carpets acts as a filter for your indoor environment.  Through improper cleaning by those who don’t know how to clean carpets properly or who poses as a professional carpet cleaner, your carpets will no longer be a health benefit.  The underside of the carpet (pad) becomes a breeding place for bacteria, mold, and allergens. These organisms are dangerous and expose family members, more so, those that suffer from respiratory health conditions to considerable risk. Many owners are not cognizant of this fact, and that is why they only focus on using vacuum cleaning equipment, most of which do not even stand a chance against mold or bacteria. When you enlist a professional cleaning company, they will first loosen the contaminants beneath the carpet using cleaning solutions. After which, they will use high-power scrubbers to remove the contaminants from your home in Orlando, making it safe for the occupants.

Prolongs your carpet’s life

When you clean the carpet by yourself, it is very likely that your primary goal will be to get over and done with the chore. As a result, there is a good chance you will not be thorough. Moreover, if you come across a stubborn stain you might use aggressive detergents, which will either worsen the stain or damage the fabric. The objective of a professional carpet cleaner will be to carry out a perfect carpet cleaning exercise.


Hence, the company will use the right cleaning agents, equipment, and techniques to execute a thorough cleaning task. In fact, most reliable professional carpet cleaners in Orlando will even go a step further and apply a protective coating over the carpet after cleaning it. All these activities will help prolong the life of your carpet.

It is cost effective

Even though hiring a professional carpet cleaning company will cost you money, the aesthetic, health, social and financial benefits it offers are worth the expense. Besides, carrying out a DIY carpet cleaning exercise requires much more time and effort. For instance, you have to forego every other activity to concentrate on the job. In addition, you have to purchase the right cleaning agents and hire equipment. Not to mention that you also need to know how to operate the equipment or else you might end up ruining your carpet, damaging the cleaning equipment or worse, exposing yourself to harmful industrial chemicals. With a professional cleaning company however, all you need to do is identify a competent Orlando carpet cleaner and the rest will be taken care of.

About the Author

This article was contributed by State Property Management, a local property management company. You can visit their website at

The Jewish Pavilion

For a few years now, we have been more than excited to be friends with those at The Jewish Pavilion. Their work for the senior community makes us want to do more for them. For the remainder of 2016, whenever someone mentions The Jewish Pavilion for booking or at time of service, we will be donating 10% of the job to organization.
Please check out their website for more information:

Launching a new program!

InstaDRY is proud in launching a new program.  We are putting together a package pricing program based on the averages from our jobs.  I know many other companies has put something similar together, but they are based on a good, better, or best cleaning options.  Well, that is not right at all.  There is only clean and not clean.  Nothing comes in between those two options.  You can take a look at the options and book online as well.  HOW EASY IS THAT?

Why are we launching this program?  Well, our technicians are just technicians… Not salesmen.

Please check it out, book online, and you will receive the cleaning service that you are looking for!

Avoid the Intruder!

We have been saddened to hear about the home invasions that has been happening here in Central Florida. ADT has solutions to help ward off potential break-ins that we feel is important enough to spread the word.

Some of the invasions has included of cutting the data/phone lines to the homes as well as security the security cameras. ADT has packages that makes this impossible for the intruder to work around.

There is nothing more scary or feeling helpless then having an intruder in your home. Please click on the banners provided and have an ADT rep come out to your home for an assessment.

Warmest regards,

M. Don Snyder
Director of Operations

HOST Dry Bulletin Presents InstaDry to All of Racine Industries

January 2016

This great information from Don Snyder of InstaDRY replaces the original January Bulletin we were planning to send to you. It may give you some ideas and help, especially those of you who are new to the business. So thank you Don!

“Good Morning Arthur,

I want to spread some motivating news from down here in Central Florida!

“Our company is about to reach 4 years in operation, and want to share our experience thus far. Using the HOST Dry Extraction System properly is an easy way of building a reputable and trustworthy business. It is more than carpet cleaning. It is providing a healthy indoor environment for the homes and businesses while making such places beautiful.

“A quick little history on how we got started with the HOST System. My good friend David Brockman from Greensboro, NC introduced us to the HOST Dry Extraction System back in 2012. After riding in his van, it didn’t take much convincing to realize this was the perfect system for Central Florida. David got me in contact with Racine Industries and Larry Hughes in Atlanta. Then after that we met with our local supplier. Our first reaction from talking to everyone was this is a great community to get involved with for a startup business. With that being said, we immediately joined the HOST Professional Cleaners Association (HPCA), went to the HOST School and took the HOST Certified Technician test.

“When we first started, we didn’t own a HOST machine yet. With very little capital in the beginning we needed a loan but didn’t want to start off with one. So we rented a machine from our local distributor. The start of InstaDRY was a true grass roots start-up business. We got the ball rolling by knocking on doors. The old fashion knocking on doors can work! Just make a quick introduction, hand them a flyer and ask for them to call you when the time comes up with a memory hook. Ours is ‘Clean & Dry Before We Say Goodbye!’. The potential client will stop you if there is a need. Otherwise just move to the next door, and hope those who just took the flier will call. We were stacking jobs on the weekends to help make financial sense renting a HOST Freestyle machine from our local supplier.

“After a couple of months of hard work, we purchased our first HOST Freestyle… giving our first machine the nickname ‘Blue’. Every day when we had jobs stacked we would look at ‘Blue’ and say ‘you’re my boy Blue!’. It’s kind of a motivational thing.

“The first couple of years was a wild ride that was worth every minute. Starting a business is scary, and taking on employees and field technicians is frightful! It was always reassuring that there are peers always ready to give great advice within the HOST community. Everyone is about success, and that is an awesome community to be involved in.

“We have been and continually are strategic with our decisions for growth. We made sure that our field technicians are so result-driven that they continually get online reviews with their names mentioned (it is always motivating for an employee to get publicly recognized for their hard work by the client). Most important, we tend to get repeat clients and referral clients calling for an appointment asking for their respective technician by name.

“Getting involved with the local community by getting into as many local events possible really helps; and making sure that we are careful with our online presence is key in getting new clients attention and respect (much better than coupon ads and other mass media outlets). Most important we are always getting the quality results from the HOST System to turn one appointment into at least two more. The HOST System, when worked properly, makes it easy for a company to grow.

“I do have quite a bit more to add:

1. We are now the floor cleaning contractor for a major 5 star resort here in Orlando.
2. Just received our 4th major condo building contract.
3. We are in the middle of expanding to two more markets.
4. We are constantly keeping jobs booked three weeks out with three trucks in the field with a total of four HOST Freestyles and four HOST Liberators.

“I’m sharing this because I’m sure you are constantly hearing about people thinking of starting a business using the HOST System or someone struggling with their HOST business. Here’s some advice from the InstaDRY team:

1. THE HOST SYSTEM WORKS! Always keep the HOST manual with you on jobs and use the book!
2. If you are in a jam, call HOST! I have yet to come across a question that they have not been able to answer.
3. Read the Bulletins from HOST PCA. They are a great resource and helps with training your staff.
4. If a HOST School on the Road comes around, then GO TO IT! I’m still using the materials acquired from the one I went to that Arthur taught two years ago.
5. ALWAYS keep your technicians motivated and your clients excited! (Remember, motivation moves mountains … and that does apply to any operation.)

“The latest activity in our operations is worth bragging about. It takes a team to grow a dynamic operation. The attached letter from one of our clients with their recent experience outlines how awesome our team is:

‘January 19, 2016

To Whom it may concern,

I wanted to a moment to express our appreciation of the courteous, and thorough carpet cleaning experience we have ever had.

It has sadly become unusual to find professionalism from explaining the services to executing the services exactly as they were portrayed.

My husband and I were having holiday guests and had InstaDRY clean our carpets in early December. They arrived exactly when they said they said they would, explained the process as they went from room to room. Upon completion gave us a certificate for a complimentary touch up job in January.

In January an appointment was made and again, arrived exactly as promised and went over the entire house. The associate, Terry Webb, was extremely courteous, moved and replaced furniture to assure thoroughness and left the house sparkling.

I would recommend the company as everyone has been delightful, and definitely, recommend Terry. Even though Terry has been with the company just a few months, his work ethic, and enthusiasm for the company is commendable.

It is a pleasure to work with a company that truly exceeds expectations.


Mary and Nick

2016 has kicked off as an amazing year for us and all of us here at InstaDRY in Orlando, Florida cannot be any more excited for the year to come. We wish all HOST users and Racine Industries the most exciting and profitable year! – Like us on Facebook:

A big “thank you” to Don.

All of you PCA entrepreneurs…please keep your comments and emails coming.

During the first quarter of 2016, we plan to send out a survey in which we would like you to participate. We are alerting you of this in advance, so please help us help you. The survey will be looking to find out what you are doing for marketing, pricing, employee compensation, etc. We will not share your individual information outside of our office. What we will do is give you feedback on “averages” or “ranges” of pricing, employee compensation, and generally how business is done in different regions of the country. We are asked all the time what people should charge for their different services and what services to offer. It is about time we asked you, so you can help your fellow entrepreneurs from around the country better understand how they can service their customers better.

If you have anything you would like to see on the survey that I have not indicated above, please email me the question because I am in the process of developing the survey “as we speak.”

Best regards,

Arthur L. Dominguez
Racine Industries, Inc.
Vice President, Business Development
Director of the HOST School & Training
P.S. I urge you to go to Don’s website.

About The Equipment And Materials InstaDRY Uses!

Here are some information about the equipment and materials that InstaDRY uses!

HOST IAQ Research 2011_1422

Pacso exec_summary The Manual

Carpet mfrs that recommend Host

Green Summary Brochure

Safety Data Sheets























Why Doesn’t My Vacuum Work Anymore?

To put it bluntly, your filters are clogged. Probably. There could be other problems, I can’t completely diagnose your issues from my comfortable seat in my office, but this is likely the case. Vacuum cleaners have filters. Every single one, most of the current bagless models have three or four. If a single filter clogs, the entire vacuum will stop working.

Finding your filters should be relatively easy, making sure you have all of them may be a bit trickier. You can typically find them by following the airflow from the intake to the exhaust. Most bagless vacuums have a pair of filters immediately after the canister where all the dirt collects. Go grab yours, take a look at those filters. One likely looks like a sponge, maybe like some folded paper arranged in a circle. If you have a sponge filter, pull it out and dust it off before running it under some hot water in your sink. Ring it out repeatedly until it stops lightening, then let it completely dry before replacing it. The crinkly paper looking filters can be knocked off outside, or cleaned with another vacuum.

By the exhaust of your vacuum, there’s another filter. This one is much more difficult to clean, and needs to be replaced. Keep an eye on it, and consult your users manual for cleaning instructions.

For the most recommended vacuum, please check out:

Andrew Mongeau
Field Manager
InstaDRY, Carpet & Tile Cleaning

Five Tips for Good Looking Tile

Ceramic tile has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially down here in sunny Florida where keeping a house warm isn’t really much of a concern. While most people learn how to mop at a very young age, I’ve been surprised at how much misinformation there is when it comes to keeping your tile floor shiny and clean. Here are a few helpful hints for you.

1. Sweep or Vacuum before you mop. This is very important. Take a look at your tile, see that discoloration in your grout? If you don’t have it, bully for you, but very likely your kitchen has some pretty gnarly colors on that grout line. That’s dirt, grease, and other nastiness trapped in the grout. When you mop, any loose sand and dirt on your tiles can get pushed into that grout to get absorbed, and likely kept for years. Proper sweeping will help avoid this.

2. Change your water often. If your water is dirty, you’re just pushing dirt into the grout. When mopping, you really need to change out your water more frequently than you think. If the water gets cloudy, it’s time to dump it out. This can get very tedious, but it’s important.

3. Avoid residue. Soap residue can make tiles look cloudy and hazy, but the grout line is where it really wreaks havoc. Soap doesn’t evaporate, it attracts dust, and it’s really difficult to get up once it works its way in. When mopping, read your label and only use the amount recommended. Most people use far too much soap. As an alternative, try using some lemon juice or vinegar in your mop water instead of soap. These are mildly acidic, and work as natural disinfectants. They also don’t leave residue, so bonus.

4. Avoid damaging your grout. When I’m cleaning someone’s tile in a professional, deep clean manner, I’ll frequently have to get a client down to ground level to show them pitting and cracking in the grout that you can’t see while standing. From eye level, this looks like dirt and nastiness, but at the floor you can see damage to the grout. If you need to clean spots on your tile, use a stiff nylon brush rather than a metal one. Brass brushes will remove the stain in question, but do so by stripping off the top layer of grout. Also, harsh and abrasive chemicals can have a similar effect. Don’t use bleach based cleaners too often, they can decalcify the grout and lead to pitting.

5. Damp mopping is your friend. Rather than doing a full water bucket mopping every week, try just taking care of bad spots with a damp mop and some vinegar water. Slopping around dirty water makes that grout line look horrible after a while.

These tips will help keep your tile clean, and reduce the need for expensive professional cleaning. Eventually, you’ll need a pro to take care of your tile, but the longer you can go between cleanings the better.

For more tips and other hints, please check out:

Andrew Mongeau
Field Manager
InstaDry Carpet and Tile Cleaning

Tile Grout: to Seal or not to Seal


dirty tile groutThat is the question. Nearly every contractor or installer who handles tile grout will recommend sealing the grout in order to protect from staining and soiling. Seals come in either a membrane variety, which forms a protective layer over the top of the grout, or a penetrant variety, which enters the grout and makes it less porous. Tile is clean, stays clean, and saves you time. Right?

Not quite.

Seals can be effective, provided they are maintained. Something contractors don’t usually tell you, a seal only lasts so long. In particularly wet areas or places that get mopped frequently, like your kitchen, you may need to reseal the tile as often as every six months. If you’re willing to pay a contractor that often to keep your floors sealed, or have the DIY skills and time on your hands, by all means do it. If you don’t, sealing can cause nightmares when cleaning.

Imagine there’s a spot on your grout. You have your nylon brush, your baking soda mix, your lemon juice, all the things people recommend you use when scrubbing grout. You scrub the spot for ten minutes and realize nothing has happened. So you up the ante, and bring out some bleach. Ten minutes later, still nothing. You go further, and begin steaming the spot, hoping to shoot the dirt out of the spot. Another ten minutes of labor and there are still no results. Finally, you take out a metal brush and just scrape off the top layer of grout and call it a day. Not very healthy for your grout.
onsite tile issue.jpeg
This is a situation I’ve found on more tile cleanings than I’d care to mention. Seals are responsible, specifically seals that wear off. The same dirty mop water that will cause unsealed grout to discolor can penetrate a spot where a seal has worn off, and wick under the place where the seal remains. Then you have dirty grout with a protective layer above it. On top of that, grout discoloration can be due to soap residue, dirty mop water, grease spills, biological spills, mildew, any number of things that all require different materials and chemicals to clean.

As Mike Holmes of HGTV writes, “In my opinion, grout needs to be able to breathe, so that any moisture that gets in behind your tile is able to escape. If you seal the grout, that can’t happen. No matter what, moisture – steam and water – eventually will get through the grout, or through a crack in your tile. So, if your grout is sealed, how will that water evaporate back out? It can’t. And that will lead to problems. I’ve seen it hundreds of times.”

As a general rule, I don’t suggest sealing grout if you’re able to maintain your tile properly. Change your mop water often when cleaning, use either the suggested amount of soap or a vinegar mix instead, vacuum your tile before mopping, damp mop weekly and wet mop monthly, all these things will help keep your grout clean without sealing it. Please check out our care card:

If you are going to seal your grout, make sure you have all the information available to you. Find out what type of seal is being used, how long it lasts in both high and low moisture areas, and how often you need to reseal. If you’re told sealing is required for a healthy grout, remember the ancient Romans and all the work they did with concrete; none of it is sealed, and much of it is still standing thousands of years later.

Andrew Mongeau
Field Manager
InstaDry Carpet and Tile Cleaning

Source: Seal your tiles, not your grout

Three Super Important Things About Carpet Cleaning

As in really important. These are true facts that can help you maintain your carpet, keep your family safe from disease, and prevent the economy from crashing. Well, maybe not that last one, but they’re still important.

1. Warning Labels: Whenever you’re using any sort of carpet cleaning chemical or detergent, read the label. Allchemical_bottle of it. Even the part about the recycling deposit for the states you don’t live in. Plenty of household cleaning supplies can do some pretty nasty stuff to a human body, you want to make sure you’re not leaving these materials behind when kids or pets play on your carpet. Nearly all carpet cleaning chemicals talk about rinsing afterwards to prevent residue, and that’s no joke. Residue can be toxic, can attract dust, and can even bleach carpet if left on there for too long. While drinking a bottle of the safest soap in the world will probably still give you a stomach ache and make your next trip to the bathroom more eventful than you’d like, some of it will just kill you. A lot of cleaners are the true definition of toxic, so read your labels.

2. Don’t Let it Get Bad: How do you disinfect something? Usually, you either soak it in a disinfectant for an hour or so, or you boil it for half that length. Can you do either of these things to carpet? If090528g you expose carpet to temperatures of 160 F or higher (71 c for you metric types) you begin degrading the stain resistance. Water boils at 212 F. Do the math. On top of that, good luck getting water out of your carpet pad be-451″ />starts growing. This means you really need to stay on top of keeping your carpet clean, don’t allow it to get bad to begin with. Normal vacuuming helps tremendously, as does taking care of biological stains as soon as they happen. When I say biological, I include drink and food spills in that category. If you have a cup of apple juice on your counter for a month, it starts to rot and grow bacteria. The same thing happens in your carpet.

3. Professional Cleaning: Hard truth time; no matter how often or well you clean your carpets, you probably don’t have the materials or equipment really needed to get all the dirt up. That’s fine, the stuff you buy in stores is really designed for maintenance rather than restoration. You can extend the time between professional cleanings by keeping your house clean, but eventually you need that heavy duty equipment to get the job done. agent on carpetWhen you hire a cleaner, make sure the technicians that come into your home are trade certified, and that the company is properly licensed, and insured. Remember that part about temperatures of 160 F damaging your carpet? And that part about rinsing and removing residues that can make your carpet dirtier faster and possibly contain some horrible stuff? Those of us who have that trade certification possess the knowledge and skills to keep your carpet from being damaged and keep it safe.

Knowledge is power, and now you have a little more. Carpet is serious business.

Andrew Mongeau
Field Manager
InstaDry Carpet and Tile Cleaning

John Google Plus Review 0904

Congratulations John on your 4th top rated public review on Google Plus! Keep up with the good work on maintaining our core standards of customer care and quality service!

Please don’t hesitate asking for John when calling InstaDRY for service!

John's 4th  Google Plus Review
John’s 4th Google Plus Review

09/02/2015 John’s latest Review

Congratulations to John’s 3rd top rated online review!

John’s been with us for a short time, but he’s been doing fantastic with our clients. When needing service done, please don’t hesitate asking for John!

John getting his 3rd top rated online review!!
John getting his 3rd top rated online review!!

Please check out his certificate here with the review message:
John Google Plus 20150902

Five Unexpected and Unusual Benefits of Carpet

During my tenure as a flooring cleaner, I’ve heard numerous complaints about the much maligned carpet.
It’s hard to maintain.
It doesn’t last as long as hard floors.
I have allergies.
Well, sit back and relax. I’m about to inject some knowledge into your brain space.

1. Carpet is easier to maintain. Yes, I said it. I know this doesn’t sound right, wood floors just need a sweeping and tile just needs a mopping while carpet absorbs stains and requires constant vacuuming. Well, about that. The bulk of the dust and dirt in your house comes from you. Dead skin cells. Grody. That, and the stuff you track in. I’m going to pose this question to you, do you shed less skin and track in less dirt if you have tile and hardwood floors? Of course not. Carpet helps to localize the dirt, which means a proper vacuuming can get most all of it up in one go. That canister isn’t more full than your dustpan because the carpet is dirtier than the hardwood or tile, it’s more full because you’re getting more dirt up. On top of that, professionally cleaning carpet is a much more straightforward process than tile or hardwood. If you want to test this theory, call a professional floor cleaner and get a quote for your carpet and your tile. The price reflects the difference in difficulty of cleaning.

2. Carpet is more sanitary and allergy friendly. Wait, what? Yes. That part about carpet localizing dirt isn’t a joke, if you maintain your carpet properly it will actually improve the indoor air quality of your home. Think about it this way, textiles filter air. Your clothes, furniture, and carpet all help remove dust from the air. Carpet does this the most, it’s like having a huge filter stretched across your entire floor. Now in order for this to work, proper maintenance is required. That means vacuuming regularly, and keeping track of the filters in your vacuum. As for the hard surfaces, imagine how difficult it is to get this dirt out of the wood grain or grout line.

3. Carpet insulates. It’s like a giant blanket for your floor. If you hop out of bed on a cold say and get chilled on your feet, that’s heat leaking from your home. Wall to wall carpet can help keep your power bills down and warm your house in the winter. Mind you, this doesn’t really apply in places like my home town of Orlando, Florida. We want it cool, as cool as can be.

4. Carpet is Safer. This is really straightforward and simple, carpet hurts less when you fall on it. Despite the sanitation issues inherent with having carpet in a bathroom or kitchen, I’ve seen a lot of senior citizens install carpet in these rooms in case of a fall. That extra cushion can help prevent bruises and broken bones.

5. Carpet is Quieter. That’s right, it muffles sound and prevents echo. You may not notice it, but your ears will. Carpet will help protect your hearing from loud noises, like appliances and that useful vacuum cleaner.

Andrew Mongeau
Field Manager
InstaDry Carpet and Tile Cleaning

Spots vs. Stains


Have you ever noticed that some spills can be cleaned from your carpet really easily, while some stick around no matter how much you scrub? How people say that wine stains immediately but apple juice barely gets mentioned? That’s because there’s a big difference between spots and stains, and I’m here to explain the difference and help you clean both.

First off, spots and stains are basically two completely different things, even if they look the same. Spots are easy, that’s when you get gunk on top of a carpet fiber and it just sits there like an old dog on a comfy couch. Stains actually get inside the carpet fibers and take up residence, and are much more difficult to clean, if they can be removed at all. So what causes a stain as opposed to a spot? And how do I clean them? Glad you asked.

Stains are caused by three things in concert; heat, acidity, and time. Carpet fibers are hollow, and contain small molecules that block the pores in the fibers and prevent stains from getting inside that chute. The hotter a material, the easier it is to get rid of that stain resistance. The more acidic the spill, the easier it is. And if a spill is given the time it needs to dissolve that stain resistance, good luck getting it out. This means that if something is hot, like soup, acidic, like wine, or sits a while, like that spill you didn’t realize was there or thought “Oh, I’ll get it after this episode of Law and Order” and never get around to it, it’s more likely to stain. If it’s a combination of these, like a hot cup of strong coffee that gets dropped before you’re awake enough to deal with it, then you’ve got a problem.

The first step in cleaning a liquid spill is getting up as much of it as you possibly can with a dry rag. After that’s done, take another dry rag and place it on top, weigh it down with something, and leave it for 12-24 hours. This should let most of the wetness wick up into the towel, and out of your carpet. If there’s stain remaining, check out your stain treatment detergents and apply as listed on the labels. This is very important, read the label! Some of these chemicals can bleach your carpet if used improperly, and almost all of them leave a residue you need to rinse off. If the stain is very stubborn you can use an iron on top of a wet cloth, but be very careful with this as it can melt your carpet.

Spots are easy, just take some spot removal, apply to a rag, then lightly blot off the spot. Don’t scrub too hard, and don’t push down. Just lightly swipe and agitate the carpet, then wipe clean with a wet rag afterwards.

Andrew Mongeau
Field Manager
InstaDry Carpet and Tile Cleaning

So, How Does Soap Work?


I’m willing to bet that you have soap somewhere in your house. It’s probably in your shower, under your sink, on top of your sink, inside your carpet from the last time you tried cleaning that stubborn coffee stain, somewhere. If it’s not, then eew. Let me ask you a question, do you know how that soap actually works? Not how you scrub, that’s just elbow grease. The actual, chemical process to how it works. Probably not. Well, it’s time you learned. Put on your science hats, kids, it’s school time.

The first thing to understand is that opposites attract. One of the main methods gunk sticks to something like a counter, carpet, or your skin, is because the gunk has an opposite magnetic charge to the thing it’s on. Yes, a magnetic charge. Most everything is magnetic at the molecular level. When the gunk is the opposite charge of the surface, those two molecules start using the buddy system, and refuse to fly solo. You can scrape some of these away with just scrubbing and some water, not everybody clings to their buddy with the same strength, but sometimes those molecules just don’t want to stop the hugging action. For this we need something stronger, something to break the bonds. For this, we need SURFACTANT! Say it with me. It’s fun. Sur-fact-ant.

Surfactants form a chemical bond with the gunk and the surface, changing the charge from positive to negative or negative to positive. The particle doing the hugging starts to become hugged by a different particle, and the original buddy gets jealous and boots the original hugger out. This leaves the dirt floating around with no solid ground to hold onto, and allows your rag, sponge, or mop to quickly grab it and take it to parts unknown. Thus through the application of surfactants, things are left clean.

Of course, there are far more chemicals in soap than just surfactants. This is why it’s important to rinse whatever spot or surface you’ve cleaned to ensure you’re not leaving residue behind. Residue attracts dust and dirt, which will go on to hug your surfaces, and you’re back in the same situation you were in to begin with.

Soap is important, use it. And now you know how it works. Science!

-Andrew M.
Field Manager
InstaDRY, Carpet & Tile Cleaning

2015 Business Growth Expo & BizMix

Orlando Business Journal’s Business Growth Expo & BizMix is the must-attend networking event of the year for exhibitors and attendees from businesses large and small!

Interact with hundreds of Central Florida business professionals and engage with dozens of exhibitors.

  • When:Wednesday, May 20, 2015,3:00pm-7:00pm
  • Where:Orlando Science Center777 Princeton Street Orlando FL 32803

    Suggested Dress: Business casual

For more information:

2015 Business Growth Expo & BizMix

Follow up from the event will be posted:

Improving Indoor Air Quality with Carpets


Please check out the study at:   IAQ_research

We are launching a series on improving the overall indoor environment.  Please follow us to learn more!!

But did you know that carpets and rugs can be more healthy for your indoor air than hard floors?  That’s because your carpets and rugs filters up to 80% of your indoor environment.  It’s easy to tell the difference if your carpets and rugs are maintained properly. Please check out the study above for more information.

3 Yr Anniversary!!!

Logo 3 yr 1


InstaDRY is proud to announce that today is our third year of being in business.  When we started, we had a few things in mind.

  1. That a good cleaning job will extend the life of the floors and improve indoor air quality.
  2. Customers are always first and we will make ourselves available for them at all times.
  3. We will always leave the best memories behind.

The team we assembled is truly the most talented in Central Florida and dedicated to all of our clients.  We cannot be anymore grateful for the amazing work they have done to get us to this point.

Most of all, we cannot be anymore excited about the clients for InstaDRY.  Thank you for allowing us to come into your home or business performing the services we provide.  Your constant feedback (good or bad) has been very valuable in our daily training.

Please keep following us on our blogs and social media for updates to our service.  Going into our 4th year, we have many awesome new things happening!!!




Clean of the Day by Bret! 04/11/2015

We were very impressed with the recent work by Bret over the weekend!!  Please call 407-476-8525 and ask for Bret!!

Brets field pic 04112015A Brets field pic 04112015B

Clean of the Day by Bret. 03/21/2015

We want to send a shout out to our field technician Bret for superb work!  If you see issues like this, then please call us at 407-476-8525 and ask for Bret!!


Brets field 03212015

A New Cleaning System

All of our technicians here at InstaDRY has been giving customers advice on maintaining their cleaning equipment, like the vacuum.  We have written a blog explaining about one of the main causes of premature carpet wear. . There are many cleaning systems out there that makes cleaning your home much easier and healthier.  Here are the good points of a cleaning system that will work best for your home:

  1.  It should improve the indoor air quality. (Hypo-Allergenic)
  2. Reduces wearing on your carpets and rugs.
  3. Keeps the grout clean from dirt staining.
  4. Maintains the finish on your wood floors.
  5. Eliminates dust and pet dander.

We are now proud to announce The Orlando Vacuum Store is now open!  Please check out the following site for more information at:

Adding New Service – Flooring

InstaDRY now provides flooring at wholesale price. This is a huge step for our organization for offering more value to customers. When looking at adding floors, your professional cleaner can give you more of an insight on durability and ease of maintenance for your home or business! Every household/business is different, so should your floors!!

Some examples of prices on common flooring are listed below:

flooring prices





Here’s all the flooring options we now have available:

flooring options

Keep The Memories, Not The Stains Holiday Special

Keep The Memories, Not The Stains Holiday Special
Keep The Memories, Not The Stains Holiday Special








It’s been a wonderful year for InstaDRY, but we couldn’t have done it without you. As we enter into the Christmas season once again, we are currently running a special for you and your friends called “Keep The Memories, Not The Stains!”  Since the Holiday Season is filled with a lot of fun and joy, it is also filled with a lot of mess.  Everyone is currently working hard to make the Holidays a perfect season this year.  That is why any carpet cleaning booked for the month of December, we will provide a “voucher” for a free touch up in January.

We started this special for the 2012 Holiday Season because we found many people weren’t sure what makes more sense… Get the carpets cleaned before the Holidays or after.  We all realized, why not give everyone the best of both worlds and clean the carpets before the Holiday Festivities begin and give them a free touch up in January as a Holiday Special.  This was an uncommon special that everyone seem to really enjoy and excited we are doing this again.  We hope that you can take advantage of this little special and tell your friends.

If we don’t get to hear from you before then, then please have a fun & safe Holiday Season and may the new year bring more joy and success than the previous!

Clean of the week 6/27/2014

Andrew did it again!!  This is two weeks in a row that he got clean of the week!  Please call and ask for Andrew!
Andrew did it again!! This is two weeks in a row that he got clean of the week! Please call and ask for Andrew!

Wet Vs. Dry Pt. 2

The other day, I posted some pics of results about wet vs. dry of an onsite comparison.  The following diagrams has the most ultimate description why it’s better to use the dry clean system for cleaning carpets.

Diagram pic of the difference in efficiency between wet carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning.
Diagram pic of the difference in efficiency between wet carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning.





Clean of the Day 6/20

Andrew and Justin
Andrew and Justin

Andrew and Justin were challenged during a move out clean.  They both worked extra hard to deliver the results and we could not be any happier with their hard work.  These two are awesome in what they do and works hard to see the excitement on every customer’s face! Please call and ask for Andrew or Justin if you want results like this in your home or business!


Fix Your Floors!

From Natasia;

If your vinyl flooring is coming up, try putting it back in it’s place.  Pull the vinyl back where it has come up. Lay a sheet of foil on top of the underside of the vinyl (shiny side down), then run a hot iron over it several times until you feel the glue on the underside of the vinyl tile remelting.  Push the vinyl back into place and set a pile of heavy books on it over night to set.

As with any home improvement projects, precede with care and exercise proper safety procedures.

2013 Holiday Carpet Cleaning Special: Keep The Memories, Not The Stains!!

Keep The Memories, Not The Stains Holiday Special

It’s been a wonderful year for InstaDRY, but we couldn’t have done it without you. As we enter into the Christmas season once again, we are currently running a special for you and your friends called “Keep The Memories, Not The Stains!”  Since the Holiday Season is filled with a lot of fun and joy, it is also filled with a lot of mess.  Everyone is currently working hard to make the Holidays a perfect season this year.  That is why any carpet cleaning booked for the month of December, we will provide a “voucher” for a free touch up in January.

We started this special for the 2012 Holiday Season because we found many people weren’t sure what makes more sense… Get the carpets cleaned before the Holidays or after.  We all realized, why not give everyone the best of both worlds and clean the carpets before the Holiday Festivities begin and give them a free touch up in January as a Holiday Special.  This was an uncommon special that everyone seem to really enjoy and excited we are doing this again.  We hope that you can take advantage of this little special and tell your friends.

If we don’t get to hear from you before then, then please have a fun & safe Holiday Season and may 2014 bring you more joy and success than 2013.

Happy Holidays from the InstaDRY Team,

M. Don Snyder, Jeremy Levy, Andrew Mongeau, Natasia Lin

Pookie’s Winter RescueFest 2013


We were very excited to make friends with Pookie’s Pet Nutrition and Bow Wow Bakery this year! Also, being invited to their Winter RescueFest this year was a blast!  Not only people were showing up to adopt a pet, but others showed up with their pets as well.  Talking to the pet owners was difficult; there were other playmates, treats, and toys.  It was pet heaven!  The dogs were dragging their owner from booth to booth like a kid running from toy store to toy store during Christmas. Some had entertaining ways to get people’s attention at the event.

On the side note, our hearts goes out to neglected and/or abused animals. This event was a reminder of all the innocent/awesome pets who needs to be adopted.  We were recently informed that there at least 55 pets rescued at RescueFest 2013.   We hope this event will help at least twice more than already reported pets will find a new home!


Rescue organizations who attended: | 407.927.1878 | 321.231.2073 | 407.365.7848 | | 352.371.8082 | 561.309.3311 | 727.391.8934 | 321.459.2652 | 407.804.5257 | 321.948.8932

Pet Rescue by Judy Adoption Application | 407.302.4497 | 407.279.1129

R.A.I.N. Adoption Application | 407.620.9736 | 407.699.0802

New Spirit 4 Adoption Application |\ | 407.797.6380 | 407.697.9324

IGCA Adoption Application |

Florida Boxer Rescue Adoption Application |

Pug Rescue Adoption Application | 407.756.4998 | 321.427.8349 |            | /                | 727.475.2195| 407.504.8318 | 407.595.4403

Florida Great Pyrenees Rescue | 727.686.4186

A New Beginning Pet Rescue Inc. | | 321.303.7077

American Black & Tan Coonhound Rescue | |

Dogue De Bordeaux Rescue |

Fallen Pines Critter Rescue |

Florida Parrot Rescue | | 772.646.1843

Great Dane Love Rescue |

Orlando Bully Rescue | | 407.744.7369

Poodle and Pooch Rescue |

The Way Home |

Whiskers & Paws | | 321.262.4330

Animal Activists of Central Florida, Inc. | | 321.331.1859

LoveyLoaves, Inc. | | 407.446.2245

Other services at RescueFest 2013:

Pookie’s Pet Nutrition & Bow Wow Bakery | | 407.622.7387

Urban Pet Magazine | | 407.309.7387

Centers for Animal Therapies/C.A.T. | | 386.279.0257

Ranger’s Pet Outpost & Retreat | | 407.622.4884

Lake Howell Animal Hospital | | 407.628.8000

Orlando Weekly |

WP Maitland Observer |

Local Channel 6 |

Animal Companion Pet Care | | 321.396.7900

Caricatures by Maria | | 407.325.4495

CheapShots Vaccination Services | | 863.414.8677

Gecko CPA Firm | | 407.478.4513

Earthborn Holistic Pet Food |

Animal Emergency Center | | 407.273.3336

Invisible Fence of Central Florida | |  407.351.1037

Pet Butler Orlando | | 800.738.2885

Pet Naturals of Vermont |

Pure Vita |

Natural Balance |

434 Animal Hospital | | 407.331.1161

Animal Healing Solutions  |  | 407.924.4240

Barking Mad Dogwear | | 321.252.2275

Best Friends Pet Care | | 203.840.1367

Big Paw Pet Care | | 855.244.7295

Bone Appetit a doggie bakery | | 407.339.2663

Boris and Beck’s Dog Art Prints |

Creation Station | 407.877.7288

Dog Day Afternoon |  | 407.835.9200 / 407.328.9205

Federation of Insured Dog Owners, Inc. |

Healing for Pets |  | 407.446.4315

Happy Paws Pet Resort | | 407.282.5656

Hip Dog Canine Hydrotherapy & Fitness | | 407.760.1484

Hydrodog Orlando

InstaDRY Carpet and Tile Cleaning | | 407.476.8525

Keller Williams Realty Lake Nona | | 407.207.0825

Le Puparazzi Fine Art Pet Photography |  | 407.898.4122

Miss Emily’s Bed Biscuit | | 407.737.0774

Precise Pet Foods |

The Doggie Door | | 407.644.2969

The Parc Pet Suites, Sports & Spa | | 407.332.7272

Rocky’s Retreat Canine Health & Fitness Center | | 407.295.3888

Roach Family Chiropractic  | | 407.647.2009

Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed |  | 407.790.4700

Wearable Karma |

West Orange Veterinary Hospital | | 407.656.1800

Hurt my thumb with the hammer again!

A recent customer just bought a new home.  We were there cleaning while she was hanging some paintings.  What struck me was she was using a comb to hold the nail while hammering.  I asked her what she was doing and she responded that since recovering from serious illness, her bones are very brittle.  Her quick thinking to do the work herself is a great helpful household hint.  A hair comb is a great tool to hold a nail to avoid getting struck by the hammer.  Give it a try yourself, I have found it to be very useful.

For more helpful household hints, please follow our blogs!

Dang! The dog/cat was on the sofa again!

Let’s face it, pets can be just like kids.  They will be very good until you leave.  We had a dog growing up who was allowed on the couch until my father came home.  My father tried his best to enforce the dog was not allowed on the couch. This was very entertaining.   When she noticed my father’s car drive up the driveway, she jumped off the couch and pretended to be sleeping.  Then my father would be upset seeing the black fur on the beige fabric. But for some people, pets can really ruin their furniture or fine delicate rugs.

On some recent jobs, we saw a really cool trick to keep the dog or cat off of that really nice sofa or other areas of the house. Those disposable aluminum pans at the grocery store is an affordable great training aid for that purpose.  They are uncomfortable for the pets to walk on and the pans make an unpleasant noise. Some pets won’t take long to associate their experience in staying away from that area.

Follow us for more helpful hints for the home.


I’m allergic to cats and friends who own cats!

We love finding tips from our customers.  One of our best customers is a doctor who specializes in Ear, Nose, and Throat.  He told us a really good fact about what causes cat allergies.

People tend to think that it is the cat dander alone that causes the allergies.  But think about how cats clean themselves.  They leave a protein from their saliva on their fur during their cleaning process.  So, the protein from their dander and saliva combined leaves an overabundant amount of allergens wherever they roam (furniture, clothes, etc.). This protein can take up to six months to dissipate no matter how good the clean is.

This helps explain a situation I’ve personally experienced in my life.  A friend of mine lost her cat a couple of weeks before having lunch. Another friend of mine who is highly allergic to cats joined us.  The cat owner was wearing fresh clean clothes (of course), and my other friend was dealing with puffy eyes due to her allergies. She was that sensitive to the allergies that she still had a reaction from the cat owner.

We use some of the best equipment on the market to clean homes.  These equipment are  either rated by the EPA or The Asthma & Allergy Foundation Of America.  We have had many customers who moved into a new place where the previous people owned cats.  The customers are allergic to cats and this is can be of some burden to them.  We have suggested for them to make sure and wipe down the walls and cabinets, not just the floors alone.  If allergic reaction still exists, then it can take up to six months for the protein causing allergens to dissipate.

Quickly.. Hurry… Get that before the stain sets!!!!!

Everyone has at one time or another an unfortunate spill or accident. Typically the first reaction is to go in the kitchen grab whatever you could and get that wet spill dry before staining sets. Timing is of the essence before you have a permanent ugly spot in your home. We here at InstaDRY has come across many customers who have bleached out a spot in their carpets when they were using the grocery store strain treatment products. Sometimes the stains can get permanently set from these products.

First off, remain calm.  I received this advice from a good friend a long time ago and this works very well. Many of our customers has used this advice and it worked very well for them.  For a wet spill, blot with a clean white towel. Then leave another clean white towel on the spill after you are done blotting.  Make sure the towel has been weighted down by an object (i.e. books or other flat items with weight).  A barrier like aluminum foil is preferred between the towel and object to prevent damage to the object.  If it is still moist in the morning, then repeat the process using dry towels.

There could be discoloration from that spot when it dries. If it does, then try the following:

(Be sure to work from the outside-in so you do not spread the spot)

  1. Mix a tablespoon of liquid dish detergent in a half cup of warm water. With your fingertips moisten a white towel and dab the spot lightly. Alternately dab, and then blot with a dry towel. If the color transfers in to the towel continue the process until color transfer stops. After color transfer stops use a damp towel to blot the area to remove any remaining detergent from carpet fibers. Then cover with dry towels using the overnight steps above.
  2. If color does not transfer, try the same “dab & blot” techniques using a half cup of white vinegar mixed in one half cup warm water. If the color transfers, continue the process as above. Then cover with dry towels using the same overnight technique.

If neither 1 nor 2 shows color transfer, call your professional carpet cleaner.


Dirty Tile Grout, How To Prevent It

Whenever I’m out giving estimates for tile great cleaning, I sometimes come across having to answer my customer the following question: “how often should I get my tile grout cleaned?”  Honestly, it’s hard to say how often one should get their tile grout cleaned.  There are few key causes for tile grout to get dirty.  It doesn’t matter how good the tile grout cleaner does his/her job, the life expectancy of a clean grout comes down to the routine cleaning practice of the customer.

I recently visited a household to provide a tile cleaning estimate.  The couple had their tiles custom installed a little over 12 years ago.  Since that time, they have yet to get their tile grout cleaned.  During that time, they raised three very active kids and a couple of dogs.  The tile grout was only slightly dirty and nowhere near the black color (from the dirt) that is commonly seen by our technicians.  Since this was fantastic to see, I asked our new clients their cleaning method.  Their response  was exactly like the advice that I give to all of my tile customers:

1) Do a good vacuuming or sweeping to ensure you get as much loose sand/dirt up before mopping.

2) Use less detergent in the mop water.  Too much detergent in the mop water can leave behind a residue that can attract more dirt.  This can cause the need to mop more often than should.

3)Try cutting down the use of detergent to once a month.  I know this seems crazy, but rinse mopping once a week can make a huge positive difference in the home.

4) DO NOT LET THE WATER GET CLOUDY!  The cloudy mop water is the true cause of the grout to turn black.  Changing the water more often can and will keep your tile looking new longer.

I’ve come across many other customers who mops their tiles this way.  No gadgets or hyped up cleaning methods, just staying simple with their cleaning methods. Their grout looks new after over a decade since it was last cleaned or installed.  People who uses excessive detergent or getting into hyped cleaning methods, tend to be looking at having their tile grout cleaned within 3 to 5 years.

So if you want to keep a clean and healthy home without breaking the piggy bank, try this cleaning tip for awhile and tell me what you think.

Feel free to contact us anytime for any comments, questions, or advice.

Premature Carpet Wear

Have you ever wondered why a carpet that has a 10 year warranty tends to start thinning  real fast within the first 5 years.  Then before the 10 years are up, you are looking at changing the floors because of the looks?

There are many factors that causes this to happen in a home.  One of the many reasons for the premature wearing can be caused by loose sand and dirt that the household vacuum is not getting. People are used to seeing the vacuum commercials saying that the vacuum has so much suction that it can pick up bowling balls, steel b.b.s, and bald baby heads (don’t try, sorry for the bad joke). The cleaning ability of this machine is not determined by suction, but by airflow.  Airflow is the vehicle for the dirt to ride on in from the vacuum in order to get eliminated from the carpets. Once the bags and/or filters gets clogged from the sand and dirt, then there is a significant reduction in the airflow of the vacuum.  Then the machine can only get light fluffy filth, but leaves the sand at the base of the carpet where the traffic pattern starts thinning out.

My favorite expert advise for my customers is to do some simple routine maintenance on their vacuum.  If you only have a bag on your machine, then you might want to change that bag more often than used to.  Even the vacuum instruction manuals say that the bags become clogged way before it appears to be full.  If you have filters, then you should at least brush clean your filters after every time you use your vacuum (check your manual on suggested cleaning methods).  By the way, DYSON VACUUMS DO HAVE FILTERS THAT HAS TO BE CLEANED!

We have some customers that even though they have kids and pets, their carpets are at least 15 years old and looks newer than most people’s 3 year old carpet.  I’ve asked them what their secret was and they all said they clean their vacuum after every time they use it.  They don’t just dump the filth out of the container, but they clean the filters as well.

The other part we have noticed is how fast people are tossing their vacuums out to get a new one because of the excessive filth.  A good portion of customers are getting new vacuums on an annual basis.  It doesn’t matter if you get a $50 Dirt Devil from Wal-Mart or a $3,000 vacuum from a home salesman.  Once those bags/filters gets clogged, then you have very minimal cleaning ability.  Taking this advice of adding a simple routine maintenance step can simultaneously save you money and improve the overall health in your home.

Even when our technicians starts cleaning on the job, they always start with a pre-clean of the area.  That involves a high power vacuuming to ensure that all the loose sand and dirt is eliminated out of the carpets before using the cleaning compound.  During this stage of the pre-clean, we would be shutting our machine off quite often just to clean the filters. That is how we know we are doing a true restoration clean for our customers.  Our pre-clean is a very important step in our cleaning process.

Feel free to contact us anytime for other questions, comments, or suggestions.

New Year’s Resolution Vs. New Year’s Motto

With the New Year upon us, the common action for everyone to get a fresh start is starting a resolution. It is very hard to stick to a list or one idea.  The most famous New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight.  Just like losing weight, almost all New Year’s Resolution winds up forgotten by March. Any gymnasium can vouch for that!

A very good advice I received a couple of years ago was instead of making a resolution, stick to a motto to live by for the year. It’s a different approach for the New Year & not as easy to forget as a resolution. Have you ever lost a list of things to do? How about this, have you ever forgotten a quote or saying that motivated you? It’s funny how a person who gets inspired or motivated tends to change for the best.  The list of problems on their New Year’s Resolution tends to naturally go away.  The resolution list usually contains anything from losing weight, to quite smoking/drinking, making better progress at work, or even spending more time with family.

So, why add more stress on yourself with a list to check off to better your life?  If you have been dealing with the crazy cycle of a New Year’s Resolution list for the past many years, then try doing a motto instead for the New Year.

Here are some examples quotes from friends who used them as a New Year’s Motto:

  • It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.

-Harry Truman

  • I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am in.

-The Bible, Philippians 4:11 (NASB)

  • In times like these it helps to recall there have always been times like these.

– Paul Harvey

  • The true measure of an individual is how he treats a person who can do him absolutely no good.

– Ann Landers

  • Many of the things you can count, don’t count. Many of the things you can’t count, really count.

-Albert Einstein

These examples have been translated to different mottos for different people. I’m sure you can come up with one for yourself.

I’ve stuck with following a new motto every year for the past few years & it has been fantastic! The changes in me have progressively made a positive difference. I recently read the famous 2005 Stanford University Commencement Speech from Steve Jobs. His inspiring quote was: “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.” Through that speech, the motto I’m sticking with for the year 2013 is “make every day count.”

What is the motto that would make your 2013 better than 2012? Please share!


Having Fun & Staying Fit at JFit 2012

Balloon Art at the JFit Health Fair

Staying fit is something that is not constantly on my mind. It’s hard to find time in the day. Especially with a business, a 3 1/2 year old and another one on the way. We recently had the opportunity to attend an event with the JCC Rosen campus in South Orlando.The event called JFit Health Fair and Green Market was a great reminder that staying fit doesn’t have to mean sacrificing 2 hours every morning to a hard core regiment. There are ways to incorporate smart and healthy habits in our lifestyle no matter how busy we are. This is especially true when you have kids. Kids are always up for a walk around the neighborhood or a bike ride if it involves fun or quality time with Mom and Dad.

Continue reading “Having Fun & Staying Fit at JFit 2012”

It was a “Walk in the Park”


A Walk in the Park
Marc at Walk in the Park

We had the wonderful opportunity today to be involved with the Jewish Pavilion “walk in the park” event today. This was a wonderful event to help support Seniors in our community and we were proud to be part of it. The Jewish Pavilion’s mission is to “ensure that seniors in long term care are visited and enjoy holiday celebrations.” At the event we had Corey making Balloon art for us (see picture above and on facebook). It was a lot of fun and we think everyone really enjoyed themselves.

We are also giving away a free house cleaning for the carpets. We will be announcing the winner soon! We frequently have more contests, so please like us on facebook or google plus for more chances to win!

We would also like to thank the excellent job that Faye, the Jewish Pavilion Team and all the volunteers did at this event! Thanks Guys! See you next year. Please let us know about any other events in the community that we can be a part of.

Understanding the Life of an Asthmatic Part 1

Many of our clients are afflicted by Asthma and Allergies. Not having Asthma myself, I wanted to find out a little more about the disease. This is an important topic to me. In order to help those that we serve, we have to better understand what motivates them, what are their wants and needs. So the natural questions arose: How do people get Asthma? What factors aggravate the condition? More importantly, what does it feel like to have asthma and how does the condition change your life?

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Say What??

We walk on them all day long and they rarely get the attention they deserve! Now its your carpet’s chance to be in the spotlight. All of our trivia answers revolve around the floor! All correct answers will be entered into our monthly drawing for a whole house carpet cleaning! Simply comment on this blog with the right answer. Watch our Facebook and Google + page to see if you are the winner!
A carpet for the yard, my original name was ChemGrass. What name am I better known for?

Pollen Forecast for Weekend of 10/14/2012

Allergen Levels for Oct 13-15, 2012

The forecasters at show that the area will be affected by a moderately high level of pollen. A chance of rain in the forecast for Sunday may be a welcome sign to allergy sufferers. Overall, moderate temperatures ushered by the beginning of Fall will be a welcome change for many.


Resources for Pollen and Mold Forecasts

We run into folks all the time that are allergic to Pollen, Mold and Dust Mites. That’s why we decided that this Friday we are going to start posting a weekly report of the Pollen and Mold forecasts, as reported by the National Allergy Bureau and But first, I wanted to find out just how reliable are these forecasts. In my search for the answer I stumbled upon this great blog post by a local East Orlando Doctor, Dr. Hornberger, that may clear things up a bit. According to Dr. Hornberger, the pollen forecasts are based on a combination of 1) the  pollen count over the last 24 hrs as reported by the National Allergy Bureau and 2) a predictive model (probably proprietary) based on weather forecasts and historical data. So, the question begs, are enough resources in place to make these forecasts reliable? The answer according to Dr. Hornberg is yes and no. In the end, not many of us have the time or resources to gather our own data and make predictions. So I guess we will have to rely on these resources for now.

A New Service Announced at the Orlando Home Show

Our booth at the Orlando Home Show Oct 6th 2012

We are super excited to announce a new tool added to our bag of services. What better place to make the announcement than at this Year’s Fall Orlando Home Show! It never ceases to amaze us how many wonderful people live here in Orlando. We used the Home show as a test market to gauge feedback about our new service to remove dust mites, pollen and other allergens from the parts of the home that are used the most. Everyone was very eager to give their opinions and the overwhelming majority was positive. This extra service can help take your home one step closer to being allergen free and everyone saw the value in that! In addition to this announcement, we also had a chance to give away some great prizes including a whole house carpet cleaning! Please watch our Facebook page in the coming week for winner announcements. And we sure would appreciate it if you “like” our page while you are there! We are going to have more free house cleaning contests through Facebook soon.

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8 Steps to a Healthy Home

I see it day and day out. With 3 little tikes constantly running in and out of the house, it can be a chore for mom to keep her head on straight let alone keep everything neat and tidy. But with allergies and asthma being a constant reminder of the humid air here in Central Florida, I thought it might be helpful to post this helpful guide to 8 steps to a Healthy home from the CDC. Here’s the link to the post if you want to read more!

My guys over at InstaDRY have got you covered on the first 2 steps to a healthy home!

1. Dry. Water is a precondition for mold, insects, rodents, and dust mites all of which are
linked with asthma. Water is also the most important factor affecting durability of a home
and maintenance costs. Property Maintenance for a Healthy Home (Draft) 4/14/2006
Page 2
2. Cleanable. It is inevitable that a home will have some dust. The goal of a healthy home
is to minimize dust brought into the home and to make it easier to clean and remove
dust and allergens.
3. Well Ventilated. Ventilation provides a mechanism to remove air contaminants and
reduce dust allergens. Continue reading “8 Steps to a Healthy Home”

Trivia – Riddle Me This

We walk on them all day long and they rarely get the attention they deserve! Now its your carpet’s chance to be in the spotlight. All of our trivia answers revolve around the floor! The first person to comment on this blog with the right answer will be entered into our monthly drawing for a whole house carpet cleaning! Watch our Facebook and Google + page to see if you are the winner! Happy Riddling!

Shaped like an egg, I’m the path to the top. I can hear when the cabinets talk. What am I?