About InstaDry Orlando

Trust. Dedication. Punctuality.

These are the words that we live by at InstaDry. We understand what it means to invite someone into your home or place of business and trust them to do a great job without taking advantage of your hospitality. That's why we pledge to always charge what we advertise. Our prices are all inclusive and that's the way we think everyone should do business.

After all, InstaDry is:

"Clean and Dry Before We Say Goodbye!"

Contact Information

  • Address: 729 Executive Dr. Winter Park, FL. 32789
  • Email: info@instadryorlando.com
  • www.instadryorlando.com
  • (407) 476-8525

We are dedicated to completing the job at hand and exceeding your expectations. We back this up with our spot removal guarantee. Finally, we value your time and would never keep you waiting. Our technicians will arrive at the scheduled appointment time and clean your carpets, tile and rugs thoroughly and quickly. We are confident that you will not find a more effective carpet cleaning service anywhere in Central Florida.

What is the Cleaned Right Guarantee?

InstaDry offers a guarantee on every cleaning. This guarantee promises that you will be satisfied with our service by the time our technician leaves. We have a couple of simple guidelines that outline how we attempt to achieve this. First, we always provide hard quotes so that there are never any uprise charges. We record your exact price on our sales software and that is the only price that you will be charged. Second, our technicians will always provide a clear expectation. They will let you know exactly what your floor will look like by doing a test area to show you the end results. Also, our technicians aim for 5 star service which means making the room look as good as possible.

  • 1: Provide Honest Communication to our Clients
  • 2: Utilize Highly Trained Technicians on Every Job
  • 3: Deliver a Valuable Service with the Goal of Complete Satisfaction

If you ever feel that one of these tenets was not utilized, we will come out to repeat the cleaning or do our best to provide a service worthy of your approval.

FAQ 1 How does InstaDRY compare to other national branded carpet cleaning companies?

InstaDry is a locally owned and operated company and has an extremely dedicated team of individuals that will stop at nothing short of delivering total customer satisfaction. That being said, equipment and processes used by InstaDRY have been tried and tested for over 70 years and enjoy the endorsement of exulted homemaker, business magnate & media wonder Martha Stewart. See our comparison chart to see how we stack up against the National Chains.

FAQ 2 What is Your Spot Removal Guarantee?

All spots cannot be removed. Especially those that have changed the chemical properties of your carpet. That being said, a vast majority of spots can be removed. Due to the nature of our dry carpet cleaning process, we can remove many spots that shampoo and steam cleaning systems simply cannot touch. The look on our client's faces are priceless after we remove a spot that has been treated many times in the past by other cleaning systems. Our Spot Removal Guarantee says that all spots removed by our cleaning system will stay Gone. If the spots return, then you will receive your money back for that area cleaned.

FAQ 3 Will There be Additional "Hidden" Charges?

As part of our practice to provide No Surprise Pricing, we include all the necessary services to get your Carpet Cleaned properly and thoroughly. Some other carpet cleaning services advertise a low attention grabber price and end up tacking on all sorts of additional charges. Charges such as pre-treatment, spot remover, traffic booster, shampoo conditioner, deodorizers, stain protection and on and on. The final bill could be two, three or even five times higher. With InstaDry, we never charge more than a reasonable quoted price and we think that's the right way to do business.

FAQ 4 Does InstaDry Move Our Furniture Before Cleaning?

With your permission, we will move furniture to thoroughly clean your carpet or tile. There are some exceptions depending on the size and condition of your furniture. Before starting the job, our representative will advise which items we can and cannot move.

FAQ 5 How Long Do We Need to Wait Before Using Our Carpet?

Since our carpet cleaning methods utilize a dry extraction system, there is no requirement to wait. Enjoy your plush, revitalized carpet right away!

FAQ 6 Does InstaDry Clean Area or Throw Rugs?

Yes, we clean all types of carpets & rugs including Oriental, Persian, Indian, Afghans and many other types. Our Dry Extraction system is perfect for these natural fiber or specialty rugs, which should not be cleaned with water based systems.

FAQ 7 Can InstaDry Remove Pet Odors?

Our pre-treatment spray and dry extraction cleaning system is ideal for removing pet odors. Best of all, this treatment is included as part of our commitment to offer no surprise pricing. The advertised price is the price you will get!

FAQ 8 Is the InstaDry method eco-friendly?

Absolutely! We are better for the local ecosystem by not using local water reserves, not dumping chemicals down the drain, and by using all natural ingredients in our cleaning. Find out more from our MSDS!

FAQ 9 Is InstaDry hiring?

InstaDry always is looking for qualified technicians to join our team, head over to our Employment page and fill out your information!

FAQ 10 What do I do if there is a problem the day of service?

InstaDry is prepared for any situation including power outages, water bursting, or accidental lockouts. In the event of a power outage, our team is prepared to use generators. Be aware that this will increase the cost and time of the job as we must use smaller machines. Furthermore, we are prepared to handle emergency water restoration concerns through our expert connections. Also, in the event of a day-of-service lockout, we have a connection with Locksmith Orlando to get you back in your home and get the job under way.

FAQ 10 Where else do you have offices?

As a rapidly expanding franchise, we are proud to have locations all throughout Florida. Our current offices operate out of Tampa, The Villages, and our flagship in Orlando.